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Watts S. Humphrey


Past Recipients

Humphrey Award recipients are required to produce an SEI technical report that describes their accomplishments, their "improvement journey," and the resulting insights, experiences, and proven practices. Here are the reports written by previous recipients.


Software Process Improvement Journey: IBM Australia Application Management Services, 2004
Robyn Nichols and Colin Connaughton, IBM Australia Application Management Services


Hughes Aircraft's Widespread Deployment of a Continuously Improving Software Process, 1997
Ron R. Willis, Robert M. Rova, Michael D. Scott, Martha I. Johnson, John F. Ryskowski, Jane A. Moon, Ken C. Shumate, and Thomas O. Winfield, Raytheon Systems Company

“We have found by applying to software the principles that made the industrial revolution possible, software engineering teams can achieve improvements in quality, predictability, and productivity that exceed our wildest dreams.”

—Watts S. Humphrey