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Continuously Improving Software Process

November 1998 Technical Report
Ron R. Willis (Raytheon Systems Company), Robert M. Rova (Raytheon Systems Company), Mike D. Scott (Raytheon Systems Company), Martha J. Johnson (Raytheon Systems Company), John F. Ryskowski (Raytheon Systems Company), Jane A. Moon (Raytheon Systems Company), Thomas O. Winfield (Raytheon Systems Company), Ken C. Shumate (Raytheon Systems Company)

This report describes the work of the 1997 recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Software Process Achievement Award, jointly established by the SEI and IEEE to recognize outstanding achievements in software process improvement.


Software Engineering Institute

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This report describes the software improvement activities of Hughes Aircraft Company over the last 25 years. The focus is on continuous improvement of the software development process and the deployment of that process from a single organization at Fullerton, California, to virtually all the 5000 software engineers of Hughes Aircraft. For this achievement, the widespread deployment of a continuously improving software process, Hughes Aircraft was awarded the 1997 IEEE Computer Society Software Process Achievement Award.