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Carnegie Mellon University | Software Engineering Institute

NatCSIRT 2024 

June 14-15 | Fukuoka, Japan  

The Call for Presentations (CFP) is now open!

The CERT® Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the NatCSIRT 2024 Program Committee invite you to submit a presentation for the 19th Annual Technical Meeting for CSIRTs with National Responsibility (NatCSIRT 2024). The meeting will be held in person on June 14-15, 2024, at the conclusion of the annual FIRST conference. This invitation-only meeting is restricted to technical and managerial staff members of National CSIRTs.

The meeting provides a forum for National CSIRTs to share information, tools, techniques, and strategies that address problems unique to CSIRTs that are responsible for a nation or economy. More information about this meeting can be found at Send your submission by March 15, 2024.

Focus Areas for This Year's CFP


This year, the first day will consist of two “tracks” enabling attendees to attend sessions specific to their roles and responsibilities or the development level of their team. Each track may consist of brief presentations, demonstrations, and roundtable discussions. The track focus areas include:

CSIRT Establishment and Management Track
This track is intended for those establishing and managing CSIRTs. From the efficiencies of CSIRTs that are in the early stages of formation or have limited resources to the developed policies and procedures of more mature or well-resourced CSIRTs, the intent is to share your progress and challenges with each other to identify potential actions that may benefit each of your teams. Example topics include, but are not limited to:

  • CSIRT Development Lessons Learned
  • Ways to Make an Impact with Limited Resources (funding, staff, etc.)
  • Contributing Factors to Your Current Successes and Challenges
  • Upcoming CSIRT Challenges
  • Cyber Crisis Management

CSIRT Technical Track
This track will focus on topics relevant to CSIRT technical/operational staff. Example topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Tools and Techniques that Improve Analysis and/or Incident Response
  • How to make use of Emerging Technologies
    - Artificial Intelligence (AI) in incident response, automation, etc.
    - AI for Cyber and Cyber for AI
    - Blockchain, or others
  • Analysis Use Cases

Lightning Talks

Do you have a 5-minute talk on a “tool” that your team has developed, acquired, or is using in a unique fashion that the National CSIRT community could benefit from hearing about? Follow the submission instructions and list “Lightning Talk” as the type (leave Focus Area blank).

Note: If you have a topic that you are not sure fits into any of the focus areas, please submit it anyway! Also, when developing your abstract, please consider whether it is relevant to teams of all sizes and capability levels. If it is not, look for ways to identify how those other teams can still benefit from the information and include that in the abstract.

Submission Instructions

Limit your presentation to 20 minutes (including time for questions), or panels/facilitated discussions or other formats be limited to a maximum of 40-60 minutes (including time for questions).

Abstracts for panels, facilitated discussions, and other formats are also encouraged. For formats other than presentations, feel free to suggest countries/teams to be participants (or let us know if you need assistance in getting participants), the number of panelists, and a topic/question list and other details as needed to demonstrate how the time will be used.

For panels, feel free to suggest countries/teams to be panel participants.


  • Title
  • Presenter Name(s)
  • Type (presentation, panel, demo, etc.)
  • Focus Area (from the list provided)
  • Abstract – thoroughly describe what your presentation will cover

Send your submission by March 15, 2024 to