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FloCon® 2024

January 9-11, 2024 | Mobile, ALabama

Thank You for Attending FloCon 2024!

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Past Conferences

FloCon 2023

Santa Fe, NM
January 9-12, 2023

We now collect enormous amounts of data from our systems. How can we apply the power of scalable analytics to this large-scale data to protect our systems from cyber threats—both internal and external? FloCon 2023’s theme, Situational Awareness: Beyond the Network, focuses on using these analytics to safeguard organizations and networks.

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FloCon 2022

January 11-13, 2022

These presentations were given virtually at FloCon 2022, an annual conference that focuses on applying any and all collected data to defend enterprise networks. This year's theme of Using Data to Defend remains critical given the security challenges of remotely supporting customers, vendors, and employees.

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FloCon 2021

January 12-15, 2021

Video recordings of presentations and courses from FloCon 2021 conference.

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FloCon 2020

Savannah, GA
January 6-9, 2020

These presentations were given at FloCon 2020, an annual conference that focuses on data-driven network security.  Speakers from industry, government, and academia presented talks on how to apply “big data” analysis techniques to solve difficult security problems.

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FloCon 2019

New Orleans, LA
January 7-10, 2019

FloCon explores advanced, cutting-edge "big daya" analytics in support of security operations.

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FloCon 2018

Tucson, AZ
January 8-11, 2018

Flocon 2018 expanded its focus to present sessions on applying analytics to ANY large-scale dataset to enhance security (not just network flow data).

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FloCon 2017

San Diego, CA
January 9-12, 2017

At FloCon 2017, attendees discussed the analysis of large volumes of traffic and the next generation of flow-based analysis techniques.

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FloCon 2016

Daytona Beach, FL
January 11-14, 2016

FloCon 2016, showcased next-generation analytic techniques and was geared toward operational analysts, tool developers, researchers, and others interested in applying the latest analytics against large volumes of traffic.

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FloCon 2015

Portland, Oregon
January 12-15, 2015

At FloCon 2015, attendees discussed the art of network analysis and how to make it more formal, rigorous, reliable, well-grounded, and repeatable. Attendees also discussed the academic advances in novel analytics as well as operationalization and automation of well-known techniques.

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FloCon 2014

Charleston, South Carolina
January 13-16, 2014

FloCon 2014 provided a forum for operational network analysts, tool developers, researchers, and other parties interested in the analysis of large volumes of traffic to showcase the next generation of flow-based analysis techniques.

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FloCon 2013

Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 7-10, 2013

This year, organizers and participants focused on the challenges of "Analysis at Scale” and discussed how to refine "big data" into knowledge, design methods for aggregated analyses at the network edge, and build systems for monitoring thousands or millions of assets at once.

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FloCon 2012

Austin, Texas
January 9-12, 2012

At FloCon 2012, participants focused on the progression of analytics from ideas, to prototypes, to tools. Attendees discussed topics such as incident case studies that sparked new ideas, how flow data can help refine a static signature, and how to identify the costs and benefits of implementing a technique at the large-scale network level versus host level.

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FloCon 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah
January 10-13, 2011

This year, participants explored a wide range of topics and discussed dark space, how many web servers are actually operating, spam, and how DNS servers area susceptible to cache poisoning.

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FloCon 2010

New Orleans, Louisiana
January 11-14, 2010

FloCon 2010 focused on flow data analysis within the context of other data sources. Presentations emphasized techniques for analyzing flow data, integrating flow data with network data sets, and engineering support for flow analysis and integration.

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FloCon 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona
January 12-15, 2009

At FloCon 2009, presenters discussed topics dealing with flow for network forensics, network inventory, and incident response.

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FloCon 2008

Savannah, Georgia
January 7-10, 2008

At FloCon this year, attendees described useful experiences in flow analysis and presented innovative solutions in security analysis.

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FloCon 2006

Vancouver, Washington
October 9-12, 2006

This FloCon conference included 12 papers and 13 presentations given by experts in the field of flow analysis. Discussions covered topics such as flow processing, flow measurement, network traffic, and analysis methods.

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FloCon 2005

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
September 20-22, 2005

At FloCon 2005, conference participants gathered to discuss flow and network security analysis and ways to improve these technologies.

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FloCon 2004

Crystal City, Virginia
July 22, 2004

At the first FloCon in 2004, attendees gave talks on analysis, infrastructure, and data sharing. Topics covered included scanning very large networks, standardization efforts to support data exchange, security at line speed with netflows, and AirCERT.

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