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TechDebt 2020

In conjunction with ICSE 2020

Seoul, south korea    October 8-9, 2020

Technical debt describes a universal software development phenomenon: design or implementation constructs that are expedient in the short term but set up a technical context that can make future changes more costly or impossible. Software developers and managers increasingly use the concept to communicate key tradeoffs related to release and quality issues. As the interest in technical debt from our industry steadily grows, the TechDebt Conference serves as the key venue to share successful analysis and management approaches used in software development organizations, emerging practices, and research results.

The International Conference on Technical Debt is sponsored by IEEE TCSE and ACM SIGSOFT. The full TechDebt 2020 website is integrated with ICSE at

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Seoul, South Korea

Venue: Seoul Dragon City Hotel

95 Cheongpa-ro 20-gil
Yongsan-gu, Seoul 04372
South Korea

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