Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 6-9, 2019

Annual SEI Architecture Technology User Network Conference

As systems grow in complexity, architecture’s role becomes increasingly important at the enterprise, systems, and software levels. Architecture practitioners rely on technology, research, and the knowledge and experience of peers to build predictable, high-quality systems.

The SATURN Conference brings together an international audience of practicing software architects, industry thought leaders, developers, technical managers, and researchers to share ideas, insights, and experience about effective architecture-centric practices for developing and maintaining software-intensive systems.

SATURN 2019 will return to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

SATURN 2018 was held in Plano, Texas, near Dallas.

The Linda M. Northrop Software Architecture Award is given to an individual or team that has used software architecture to significantly improve practices, outcomes, or both in an organization or in the software-development community. The winner of the 2018 Linda M. Northrop Software Architecture Award is Eoin Woods of Endava! He received the award and presented Software Architecture as Systems Dissolve at SATURN 2018.

Award Information

The SEI also confers two attendee-selected awards at SATURN. The winners of the SATURN 2018 Best Presentation Award were Eltjo Poort and Michael Keeling, for The Ethical Software Architect. The winner of the SATURN 2018 Best Presentation Runner-up Award was Eltjo Poort, for Shorten Your Architectural Feedback Loop.

Scenes from SATURN 2018