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43rd ER 2024The 43rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling 

Conceptual Modeling, AI, and Beyond


Conceptual Modeling, AI, and Beyond

The 43rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2024) is the main international forum for discussing the state of the art, emerging issues, and future challenges in research and practice on conceptual modeling.

Topics of interest span the entire spectrum of conceptual modeling, including research and practice in areas such as theories of concepts and ontologies, techniques for transforming conceptual models into effective implementations, and methods and tools for developing and communicating conceptual models.

ER 2024 will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute.

Registration will be open soon! Please watch this space for further information. The registration process is managed by the Software Engineering Institute, using Eventbrite.

Calls for Participation

ER 2024 will offer a variety of sessions with Calls for Participation occurring in the coming months. Please explore the different conference sessions below and plan for your submission to participate! Most of these will require submission through EasyChair, and those links will appear live once the Call has opened.

Call for Papers

As AI and ML reshape technology, they're also revolutionizing conceptual modeling. We call for papers exploring this change, particularly how AI and ML integrate with and expand conceptual modeling. Submissions should cover established topics like modeling languages, theories, and methods, as well as AI/ML's novel contributions to the field. We encourage papers that push the boundaries of conceptual modeling and demonstrate AI/ML's transformative effects. Contributions should reflect the current state and forecast the future of conceptual modeling, setting the stage for pioneering research.


Call for Tutorials

ER tutorials introduce general or special topics in ER and relevant neighboring areas. A focus on specific tools and methodologies can still be useful to offer concrete examples and hands-on activities to participants.

The topics of interest span the entire spectrum of conceptual modeling including research and practice in the areas defined in the Call for Papers. Some general topics include:

  • Theories of concepts underlying conceptual modeling.
  • General-purpose and domain-specific methods and tools for developing and communicating conceptual models.
  • Techniques for the algorithmic processing of conceptual models.
  • The impact of conceptual modeling on databases, business strategies, and information systems engineering.
  • Innovative applications of conceptual models in industry and practice. The goal of a tutorial is to provide a road map – for beginners or advanced attendees – about a subject area related to conceptual modeling. Generally, tutorials emphasize breadth and cover material from a variety of different authors. The audience generally varies from novice students to practitioners and specialized researchers. Ideally, a tutorial covers a subject that has an adequately supporting corpus of past work and significant prospects of future expansion research-wise.