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What Makes a Good Software Architect (2019 Edition)?

April 2019 Webinar
John Klein, Ipek Ozkaya, Felix Bachmann, Suzanne Miller

The architect's role continues to evolve; in this webcast we revisited the question in the context of today's role and responsibilities.


Software Engineering Institute



In 2017, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Webcast, What Makes a Good Software Architect? explored the skills and knowledge needed by successful software architects. The architect's role continues to evolve; in this webcast we revisited the question in the context of today's role and responsibilities. We explored the challenges of working in an environment with rapidly evolving technology options, such as the serverless architecture style, and the role of the architect in Agile organizations using DevSecOps and Agile architecture practices to shorten iterations and deliver software faster.

SATURN is our annual software architecture conference.  This year's event takes place May 6-9, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA. See the great lineup of speakers and agenda here.

About the Speaker

John Klein

John Klein is a principal investigator and senior member of the technical staff in the Software Solutions Division at the SEI.

Klein is currently leading a project investigating how to automatically reconstruct the deployment architecture of a legacy system and developing a playbook to guide organizations through modernization projects. Klein also works with the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope team, who has adopted many of the SEI’s architecture practices to reduce risk in the design of this massive system.

Past projects at the SEI have included leading research to bring stakeholder preferences into the analysis of alternatives in system modernization projects and developing architecture approaches to big data systems. Klein has collaborated with an Australian research center on a big data reference architecture adopted by the Ministry of Defence and the Australian Federal Police; led a team that assessed analytics enterprise architecture for a large health-care provider; and coached Bursatec, the Mexican Stock Exchange, in architecture development for a new trading engine.

Before joining the SEI, Klein was a chief architect at Avaya, Inc., where he focused on communication analytics and multimodal agents, and an architect at Quintus, where he designed the first integrated multichannel contact center product. Klein was also a technical director at Raytheon, where he developed hardware and software solutions for radar signal processing and multispectral image processing.

Klein holds a BEng from the Stevens Institute of Technology, an MEng from Northeastern University, and a PhD in Computer Science from VU University Amsterdam.

Contact: John Klein

Ipek Ozkaya

Ipek Ozkaya

Felix Bachmann

Felix Bachmann

Suzanne Miller

Suzanne Miller