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Carnegie Mellon University | Software Engineering Institute

SCSS 2019

February 13–14, 2019 | Arlington, Virginia

Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium 2019: Acquisition, Security, and the Supply Chain

When building and acquiring software-reliant systems, the stakes are high and the risks can be daunting. Today’s systems are built with newly developed software, along with legacy, COTS, and open source applications, libraries, and data. Leveraging existing software components can help deliver capability at reduced cost, but what are the risks? How can you know what’s in the software that powers your mission-critical capabilities and how resilient it is to attacks?

When you consider additional factors such as the need to increase the pace of acquisition and the use of multiple providers in different teaming arrangements, it’s clear that new tactics are needed to manage and secure a supply chain that includes software.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working with projects or programs that require the acquisition of software-intensive systems, including DoD or other government program managers, project managers, software engineers, and contractors.

Attendees will...

  • learn methods for understanding, managing, and securing supply chains that involve software
  • hear from leading experts in the field of software engineering about methods, technical innovations, and practices
  • find innovative approaches to the challenges within their organizations
  • network and participate in informal “Ask an Expert” sessions

Arlington, Virginia

The Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium: Acquisition, Security, and the Supply Chain will be held on the first floor of the NRECA Building, which also houses the SEI’s Arlington offices.

NRECA Building, Suite 200
4301 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22203

Arlington, VA