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Carnegie Mellon University | Software Engineering Institute

SCSS 2020

Beyond the Hype: Using AI/ML in Defense
and Government Systems

February 18-19, 2020 | Arlington, Virginia

Save the Date: February 18-19, 2020

AI offers many benefits for defense and government systems, but what do we need to know and do to be strategic about AI’s implementation in future systems?
The agenda for this symposium is still taking shape, but likely topics could include the following:

  • AI/ML 101: understanding what it really is and how the DoD and government are using it now
  • getting started: identifying the major pain points AI can address
  • using DevOps pipelines to support AI systems in the DoD
  • effective use of data: understanding and managing data assets for ML
  • technical debt and AI
  • beyond the technology: understanding ingrained culture and processes that must be adjusted before AI can be fully exploited
  • special challenges for using AI in the DoD and government (e.g., antiquated technology stack, less data, and greater transparency demands)


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About Our Attendees

The SCSS attracts individuals working with projects or programs using or planning to use artificial intelligence and/or machine learning. This includes DoD or other government program managers, project managers, software engineers, and contractors.


  • hear leading experts in the field of software engineering discuss methods, technical innovations, and practices
  • find innovative approaches to the challenges within their organizations
  • network and participate in informal “Ask an Expert” sessions

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Units (CEU) will be issued after the SCSS concludes to those who attend the symposium’s plenary session on February 18 and/or the tutorials on February 19.


Arlington, Virginia

The Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium: Beyond the Hype: Using AI/ML in Defense and Government Systems will be held at George Mason University in  Arlington, Virginia.

George Mason University, Arlington Campus
3351 Fairfax Drive, Van Metre Hall (formerly Founders Hall)
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington, VA