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DevSecOps Days 2022

April 27, 2022 | Pittsburgh (past)
July 27, 2022 | Los Angeles (Canceled)
October 12, 2022 | Washington, D.C. (Virtual)

Join Us for DevSecOps Days Washington, D.C. 2022

DevSecOps Days Washington, D.C. is back in 2022 to give you the opportunity to elevate how you integrate security into your DevOps practices and transform your DevSecOps journey. Attendees will learn from fellow practitioner successes, discover ideas on integrating security into your teams, and leave with insights on automating security within the entire developer and production pipeline.

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Keynote Speaker

Kyle Fox

Chief Software Officer and Technical Lead, Department of Air Forces Nuclear Weapon Center

As cyber-physical weapon systems evolve it’s become clear that delivery agility will be the definitive war winning capability. This talk will cover key components needed to deliver at the increase speed of need and highlight challenges where the community must band together for the US to outpace its peer advisories.

A key voice in DOD Software innovation, Kyle Fox is the Chief Software Officer and technical lead for R&D efforts within the Department of Air Forces Nuclear Weapon Center ICBM Modernization programs. Kyle delivered significant change in the DOD by building the first cloud native and DevSecOps enabled nuclear weapon system via the $96B next generation ICBM weapon system, Sentinel. He is now focused on preparing the DOD for operating in the rising era of the Software Defined Weapon by demonstrating the art of the possible with government and industry teaming, agile execution with continuous delivery in high assurance/safety critical environments, and DOD’s ability to apply cutting edge technologies to warfighting applications.

DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh

DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh
April 27, 2022 (Past)

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We are pleased to partner with the DevSecOps Days Community, a central hub for DevSecOps activity around the world. Check out their site for DevSecOps resources, such as podcasts, videos, survey reports, and other content, to help you on your DevSecOps journey. Their sole purpose, as well as ours, is to support DevSecOps practitioners like you who deserve more recognition and encouragement for the work you are doing.