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Technical Report | August 1989 - Technical Report Understanding the Adoption of ADA: A Field Study Report By W. Cohen, Gordon N. Smith, William E. Hefley, D. Levinthal

This report examines the extent to which the ADA adoption behavior of DoD contractors is influenced by their expectations of the technological opportunity provided by ADA.

Technical Report | January 1988 - Technical Report Issues in Software: A Blue Two Visit Feasibility Assessment By Benita L. Gilliard (Air Force Coordinating Office for Logistics Research), William E. Hefley

This 1987 report documents discussions that address a software-oriented Blue Two Visit (BTV).

Technical Report | December 1987 - Technical Report Annual Technical Report for ADA Embedded Systems ... By Nelson W. Weiderman, Neal Altman, Mark W. Borger, Patrick Donohoe, William E. Hefley, Mark H. Klein, Stefan F. Landherr, Hans Mumm, John A. Slusarz

This technical report provides an overview of the results produced in the first year of the ADA Embedded Systems Testbed Project (through September 30, 1987).

Technical Report | August 1998 - Technical Report People CMM-Based Assessment Method Description By William E. Hefley, Bill Curtis (CAST Research Labs)

This 1998 document provides a high-level overview of the People Capability Maturity Model (CMM)-Based Assessment Method.

Technical Report | October 1992 - Technical Report ADA Adoption Handbook: A Program Manager's Guide ... By William E. Hefley, John T. Foreman, Chuck Engle Jr., John B. Goodenough

The handbook addresses the advantages and risks in adopting ADA. Significant emphasis has been placed on providing information and suggesting methods that will help program and project managers succeed in using ADA across a broad range of applications.

Technical Report | July 2009 - Technical Report People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM), Version 2.0 ... By Bill Curtis (CAST Research Labs), William E. Hefley, Sally A. Miller

This report documents an update to the People CMM, Version 2, which updates informative material within the People CMM and its subpractices and provides new information learned from the continuing global use of the People CMM.

Technical Report | February 1994 - Technical Report Exploring Hypermedia Information Services for Disseminating ... By William E. Hefley

This 1994 report describes the accomplishments of a pilot hypermedia information service embodying the conceptual definition of a pilot information base developed by the SEI.

Special Report | March 1988 - Special Report Conference Report: Overcoming the Disincentives to ... By William E. Hefley

This report documents the keynote and panel sessions from the 1988 Procurement Committee of the National Security Industrial Association.

White Paper | May 2004 - White Paper Networked Technologies: The Role of Networks in the ... By Karlheinz Kautz, Linda Levine, William E. Hefley, Jorn Johansen, Peter A. Nielsen

Social networks play a key role in the adoption and diffusion of software process improvement as a networked technology. This panel addressed actual examples of SPI networks and identified key characteristics of and roles in these emergent networks.

Special Report | February 2005 - Special Report Interpreting SCAMPI for a People CMM Appraisal at Tata ... By Ron Radice, William E. Hefley, Bill Curtis (CAST Research Labs), Jack R. Ferguson, Will Hayes, Sally A. Miller, Gian Wemyss

This 2005 report includes the draft interpretation guide used for four mini-appraisal pilots and the final enterprise-wide Class A appraisal at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).