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Special Report | November 2009 - Special Report The Watts New Collection: Columns by the SEI's Watts ... By Watts S. Humphrey

news@sei columns written by the SEI's Watts Humphrey between June 1998 and August 2008

Technical Report | March 2009 - Technical Report Deploying TSP on a National Scale: An Experience Report ... By William Nichols, Rafael Salazar

This report communicates status, progress, lessons learned, and next steps for the Mexican TSP Initiative.

Educational Material | October 2009 - Educational Material TSPi Material

TSPi is a scaled-down academic version of the TSP that helps graduate and advanced undergraduate students apply the principles and practices of the TSP.

Special Report | October 2009 - Special Report Insights on Program Success By Software Engineering Institute, Systems and Software Consortium - Inc.

This 2009 report examines the reasons why some programs fail and studies the factors that lead to program success.

Special Report | October 2009 - Special Report A Bibliography of the Personal Software Process (PSP) and ... By Rachel Callison, Marlene MacDonald

This 2009 special report provides a bibliography of books, articles, and other literature concerning the PSP and TSP methodologies.

Special Report | August 2009 - Special Report Team Software Process (TSP) Coach Mentoring Program ... By Timothy A. Chick, Robert Cannon, Jim McHale, William Nichols, Marsha Pomeroy-Huff, Jefferson Welch, Alan Willett

This guidebook is designed to explain the steps for becoming an SEI-Certified Team Software Process (TSP) Coach or SEI-Certified TSP Mentor Coach, with emphasis on guiding individuals through the mentoring process. This guidebook defines the structure and format of the mentor and provisional coach relationship, and explains the process steps and evaluation criteria for becoming an SEI-Certified TSP Coach or Mentor Coach.

Technical Note | November 2009 - Technical Note Integrating CMMI and TSP/PSP: Using TSP Data to Create ... By Shurei Tamura

This report describes the fundamental concepts of process performance models (PPMs) and describes how they can be created using data generated by projects following the TSP.

White Paper | October 2009 - White Paper The Software Quality Profile By Watts S. Humphrey

The software community has been slow to use data to measure software quality. This paper discusses the reasons for this problem and describes a way to use process measurements to assess product quality.

White Paper | July 2009 - White Paper Why Don't They Practice What We Preach? By Watts S. Humphrey

One of the most intractable problems in software is getting engineers to consistently use effective methods. The Software Engineering Institute has worked on this problem for a number of years and has developed effective methods for addressing it.