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Special Report | November 2009 - Special Report The Watts New Collection: Columns by the SEI's Watts ... By Watts S. Humphrey

news@sei columns written by the SEI's Watts Humphrey between June 1998 and August 2008

Book | March 2005 - Book PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers By Watts S. Humphrey

PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers presents a disciplined process for software engineers and anyone else involved in software development.

Technical Report | April 2005 - Technical Report Mapping TSP to CMMI By Jim McHale, Daniel S. Wall, Watts S. Humphrey, Michael D. Konrad

This 2005 report provides an essential element to facilitate the adoption of the TSP in organizations using CMMI, namely, a mapping of ideal TSP practices into the specific and generic practices of CMMI.

Technical Report | March 2003 - Technical Report Relating the Team Software Process (TSP) to the Capability ... By Noopur Davis, Jim McHale, Watts S. Humphrey

This 2003 report helps process professionals, process managers, project leaders, and organizational managers establish process improvement strategies and plans.

Book | March 2010 - Book Reflections on Management: How to Manage Your Software ... By Watts S. Humphrey, William Thomas

This book brings together Watts S. Humphrey's most influential essays and articles, sharing insights that are essential for anyone who must achieve quality results in software management.

Book | September 2005 - Book TSP: Leading a Development Team By Watts S. Humphrey

In this guide to the Team Software Process (TSP), Watts Humphrey shows software developers how to lead teams of software engineers trained in the Personal Software Process (PSP).

Book | August 1999 - Book Introduction to the Team Software Process By Watts S. Humphrey

This book, particularly useful for engineers and students trained in the Personal Software Process (PSP), introduces TSP and the concrete steps needed to improve software teamwork.

White Paper | October 2009 - White Paper The Software Quality Profile By Watts S. Humphrey

The software community has been slow to use data to measure software quality. This paper discusses the reasons for this problem and describes a way to use process measurements to assess product quality.

Book | December 1996 - Book Introduction to the Personal Software Process By Watts S. Humphrey

This workbook provides a hands-on introduction to the basic discipline of software engineering, as expressed in the author's well-known Personal Software Process (PSP).

Book | December 1994 - Book Discipline for Software Engineering: The Complete PSP Book By Watts S. Humphrey

This book is intended to help managers and organizations evaluate and improve their software capabilities' methods using the Personal Software Process (PSP).