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Webinar | November 2008 - Webinar CMMI-Agile By Michael D. Konrad

In this 2008 webinar, Michael D. Konrad talks about how Agile methods and CMMI can be used to dramatically improve business performance when properly used together.

Webinar | September 2008 - Webinar CMMI on the Web By Deen Blash, Shane McGraw

This presentation provides a high-level overview of CMMI and its related products on the SEI website. It was presented in an SEI Webinar on Thursday September 25, 2008.

Webinar | November 2016 - Webinar From Secure Coding to Secure Software By Mark Sherman, Robert Schiela

In this webinar, we discussed how you can improve your organization's secure coding capabilities.

Webinar | February 2010 - Webinar What to Expect from CMMI v1.3 By Mike Phillips

In this webinar, Mike Phillips discusses what users can expect with the latest release of the CMMI Product Suite - CMMI Version 1.3 in the November 2010.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar 20+ Years of Cyber (in)Security By Richard D. Pethia

In this webinar, Rich Pethia discusses how cybersecurity has changed over the past 20 years.

Webinar | July 2012 - Webinar SEI Agile Research Forum: Agility and Discipline By James W. Over

In this 2012 webinar, James W. Over of the Software Engineering Institute presents views from research and from his experience in balancing agility and discipline.

Webinar | October 2011 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum: A Brief Survey of the Team Software ... By Jim McHale

In this 2011 presentation, Jim McHale provides a brief overview of the Team Software Process (TSP), discussing what it is, how it works, and how it meshes with other methodologies.

Webinar | February 2012 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum - Overview of the SEI Strategic ... By Douglas Schmidt (Vanderbilt University)

In this February 2012 webinar, SEI CTO Doug Schmidt presents an overview of the SEI strategic research plan.

Webinar | March 2017 - Webinar 5 Things You Need to Know About Leading a Successful ... By Stephany Bellomo, Felix Bachmann, Will Hayes

In this webinar we discussed topics to consider when planning a large modernization project and share mitigation strategies for executing the modernization effort.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar Responding to a Large-Scale Cybersecurity Incident By Christian Roylo

In this 2013 webinar, Christian Roylo discusses the role of technology in responding to large-scale cyber incidents.