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Webinar | May 2018 - Webinar Three Software Innovations that DoD Needs Now By Jeff Boleng, Robert Schiela, Samuel Procter, Lena Pons, Nathan VanHoudnos

Watch Jeff Boleng, Robert Schiela, Samuel Procter, Lena Pons, and Nathan VanHoudnos discuss Three Software Innovations that DoD Needs Now.

Webinar | April 2018 - Webinar Agile and DevOps: Your Questions. Our Answers. By Hasan Yasar, Eileen Wrubel

Watch this lively discussion in which we answered attendee questions on all things Agile and DevOps.

Webinar | January 2018 - Webinar Is Software Spoiling Us? By Jeff Boleng, Grace Lewis, Eliezer Kanal, Satya Venneti, Joseph D. Yankel

Have software's repeated successes, and the assumption that they will continue endlessly, discounted perceptions of its importance among leadership in civilian government, national defense, and national security organizations?

Webinar | December 2017 - Webinar Four Valuable Data Sources for Network Security Analytics By Timothy J. Shimeall

This webinar focused on the development and application of combined data analytics and offered several examples of analytics that combine domain resolution data, network device inventory and configuration data, and intrusion detection.

Webinar | November 2017 - Webinar Weaving a Fabric of Trust: Ensured Security, Privacy ... By Greg Shannon

During this webinar, Dr. Shannon examined the questions, science, and technology that builds trust with customers, other organizations, and society to ensure their security and privacy, and our own resilience and accountability.

Webinar | November 2017 - Webinar Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics By Will Hayes

Watch this webcast to gain insights into effective metrics programs in government settings.

Webinar | August 2017 - Webinar Five Keys to Effective Agile Test Automation for Government ... By Robert V. Binder, Suzanne Miller

In this discussion-focused webinar, Bob Binder and SuZ Miller will discuss 5 key questions that government organizations contemplating embarking on adopting automated test techniques and tools in an Agile environment are likely to have.

Webinar | August 2017 - Webinar The Evolving Role of the Chief Risk Officer By Summer C. Fowler, Greg Porter (Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University)

In this webinar we discussed the challenges facing the CRO role and about how CMU's new CRO program can help you address those challenges.

Webinar | July 2017 - Webinar Practical Considerations in Adopting Agile/Lean in ... By Suzanne Miller, Eileen Wrubel

This webinar summarizes much of what the SEI has learned in its eight years of researching and facilitating adoption of Agile and Lean methods in software-reliant systems in government.

Webinar | May 2017 - Webinar Building Analytics for Network Flow Records By Timothy J. Shimeall, Matthew Heckathorn

Learn how to identify network flow characteristics and metrics that support understanding traffic