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Presentation | December 2017 - Presentation Model-Driven Insider Threat Control Selection and ... By Randall F. Trzeciak, Daniel L. Costa

This presentation discusses how organizations can identify, prioritize, and select appropriate security controls.

Presentation | November 2017 - Presentation Cyber Hygiene: A Baseline Set of Practices By Matthew Trevors, Charles M. Wallen

The CERT Division's Cybersecurity Hygiene is a set of 11 practice areas for managing the most common and pervasive cybersecurity risks faced by organizations.

Presentation | November 2017 - Presentation FFRDCs A Primer: Federally Funded Research and ... By Software Engineering Institute

Throughout this Primer, we explain what FFRDCs are, how they have secured their long-term place in our national research and development (R&D) landscape, and what they offer for the future.

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Automated Code Generation for High-Performance Graph ... By Scott McMillan

Presentation on research into graph analytics

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Obsidian - A Safer Blockchain Programming Language By Eliezer Kanal, Michael Coblenz (Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science)

Presentation on research by CMU and SEI to develop a novel programming language for secure blockchain software development

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Micro-Expressions: More than Meets the Eye By Satya Venneti, Oren Wright

Presentation on research to build an accurate, automatic micro-expression analysis prototype that outperforms humans in spotting and recognizing facial micro-expressions in near real time

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Authentication and Authorization for Internet of Things (IoT) ... By Grace Lewis

Presentation on research to assure use of IoT devices in edge computing environments

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Technical Detection of Intended Violence against Self or ... By Tracy Cassidy

Presentation on research to use insider threat tools to detect indicators of employees who are may be on a path to harm themselves and/or others within the workplace

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation What will the Robot do Next? By Jonathan Chu

Presentation on research to build algorithms that allow robots to explain their behaviors to users and adapt their behavior during execution to enable users to accurately predict what they will do next

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Events, Relationships, and Script Learning for Situational ... By Edwin J. Morris

Presentation on research to use machine learning to extract patterns from high volumes of textual data