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Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Four Valuable Data Sources for Network Security Analytics By Timothy J. Shimeall

This webinar will focus on the development and application of combined data analytics and will offer several examples of analytics that combine domain resolution data, network device inventory and configuration data.

Presentation | September 2017 - Presentation Hands-On Tutorial: Auditing Static Analysis Alerts Using a ... By Lori Flynn, David Svoboda, William Snavely

In this tutorial, SEI researchers describe auditing rules and a lexicon that SEI developed.

Presentation | September 2017 - Presentation Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics By Will Hayes

This webinar provides insights into effective metrics programs in government settings where an Agile approach is used for development and sustainment of software-reliant systems.

Presentation | August 2017 - Presentation Applied Machine Learning in Software Security By Eliezer Kanal

In this presentation, Eliezer Kanal discusses how machine learning speeds prediction and classification in cybersecurity.

Presentation | August 2017 - Presentation Data Science Tutorial By Eliezer Kanal, Daniel DeCapria

This tutorial offers training on data science in cybersecurity principles and practices.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Mothra: A Large-Scale Data Processing Platform for Network ... By Anthony Cebzanov

In this presentation, the author discusses the Mothra security analysis platform.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Assessing Targeted Attacks in Incident Response Threat ... By Allan Thomas (Looking Glass), Dr. Jamison Day (Looking Glass)

In this presentation, the authors assess targeted attacks and advise how automating correlation of threat and network information can help your organization.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation SilkWeb – Analyze Silk Data Through API and Javascript ... By Vijay S. Sarvepalli, Dwight S. Beaver

In this presentation, the authors describe SilkWeb and how to analyze silk data through API and Javascript frameworks.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Finding the Needle in the Haystack By Jonzy Jones (University of Utah)

In this presentation, given at FloCon 2017, Jonzy Jones discusses NetFlows and methods to discover illegitimate traffic.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Navigating the Pitfalls and Promises of Network Security ... By Dr. Scott Miserendino (BluVector), Michael Gora (BluVector)

In this presentation, the authors discuss Network Security Monitoring (NSM).