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Poster | October 2017 - Poster Dynamic Design Analysis By Rick Kazman

Poster on research into dynamic dependencies that arise from the way modern systems are composed

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Certifiable Distributed Runtime Assurance By Dionisio de Niz

Poster on research into the use of enforcers for runtime assurance of distributed systems

Poster | October 2017 - Poster What will the Robot do Next? By Jonathan Chu

Poster on research to develop algorithms for robots to explain their behaviors and adapt their behavior to enable users to accurately predict their actions

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Technical Debt Analysis through Software Analytics By Ipek Ozkaya

Poster on research to develop tools that integrate data from multiple, commonly available sources to pinpoint problematic design decisions and quantify their consequences in a repeatable and reliable way

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Technical Detection of Intended Violence Against Self or ... By Tracy Cassidy

Poster on research into determining the extent to which it is possible to technically detect indicators of employees who may be on a path to harm themselves and/or others within the workplace via insider threat detection tools

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Micro-Expressions: More than Meets the Eye By Satya Venneti, Oren Wright

Poster on research to build an accurate, automatic micro-expression analysis prototype that outperforms humans in spotting and recognizing facial micro-expressions in near real time

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Cyber Affordance Visualization in Augmented Reality By Josh Hammerstein, Jeff Mattson

Poster on research to integrate cyber effects into tactical decision-making for soldiers

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Rapid Expansion of Classification Models to Prioritize Static ... By Lori Flynn

Poster on research to create a method to automatically classify and prioritize alterts

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Guided Architecture Trade Space Exploration for Safety ... By Samuel Procter

Poster on research into tools to evaluate trade space for embedded systems

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Obsidian - A Safer Blockchain Programming Language By Eliezer Kanal, Michael Coblenz (Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science)

Poster on research by CMU and SEI to create a novel programming language for safer blockchain software development