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Poster | October 2018 - Poster Automated Code Repair to Ensure Memory Safety By William Klieber

This poster describes a technique for automatically repairing potential violations of memory safety so that the program is provably memory-safe.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster High Assurance Software-Defined IoT Security

This poster describes a solution for the secure use of IoT devices in the DoD by moving part of the security enforcement to the network.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Modeling the Operations of the Vulnerability Ecosystem By Allen D. Householder

This poster describes models, metrics, datasets, and key performance indicators developed to improve vulnerability response.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Rapid Construction of Accurate Automatic Alert Handling By Lori Flynn

This poster describes the development of an extensible architecture for the classification and advanced prioritization of flaws in code.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Data-Driven Technical Debt Analysis By Ipek Ozkaya, Robert Nord

This poster describes research efforts in analyzing data to uncover technical debt.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Summarizing and Searching Video By Edwin J. Morris, Kevin A. Pitstick

This poster describes algorithms and a prototype developed to help analysts process information from video streams.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Rapid Software Composition by Assessing Untrusted ... By Rick Kazman

This poster describes efforts to increase the speed and confidence of the component selection process in software systems.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Towards Security Defect Prediction with AI By Nathan VanHoudnos

This poster describes research comparing a state-of-the-art AI system to existing static analysis approaches for defect prediction.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Causal Models for Software Cost Control (SCOPE) By Michael D. Konrad

This poster describes work in applying causal learning to program datasets to better understand which factors can reduce costs.

Poster | October 2018 - Poster Certifiable Distributed Runtime Assurance By Dionisio de Niz

This poster describes the use of enforcers to assure the safety of distributed cyber-physical systems.