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Podcast | March 2018 - Podcast Is Software Spoiling Us? Technical Innovations in the ... By Jeff Boleng

In this podcast, the panel discusses technical innovations that can be applied to the Department of Defense including improved situational awareness, human-machine interactions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, and continuous integration.

Podcast | February 2018 - Podcast Is Software Spoiling Us? Innovations in Daily Life from ... By Jeff Boleng

In this podcast, which was excerpted from the webinar Is Software Spoiling Us?, the panel discusses awesome innovations in daily life that are made possible because of software.

Podcast | February 2018 - Podcast How Risk Management Fits into Agile & DevOps in ... By Timothy A. Chick, Will Hayes, Eileen Wrubel, Hasan Yasar

In this podcast, Eileen Wrubel, technical lead for the SEI’s Agile-in-Government program leads a roundtable discussion into how Agile, DevOps, and the Risk Management Framework can work together.

Podcast | December 2017 - Podcast 5 Best Practices for Preventing and Responding to Insider ... By Randall F. Trzeciak

Randy Trzeciak, technical manager of the CERT National Insider Threat Center, discusses five best practices for preventing and responding to insider threat.

Podcast | December 2017 - Podcast Pharos Binary Static Analysis: An Update By Jeff Gennari

Jeff Gennari discusses updates to the Pharos framework, which automates reverse engineering of malware analysis, including new tools, improvements, and bug fixes.

Podcast | November 2017 - Podcast Positive Incentives for Reducing Insider Threat By Andrew P. Moore, Daniel Bauer

Andrew Moore and Daniel Bauer highlight results from our recent research that suggests organizations need to take a more holistic approach to mitigating insider threat.

Podcast | November 2017 - Podcast Mission-Practical Biometrics By Satya Venneti

Satya Venneti presents exploratory research undertaken by the SEI's Emerging Technology Center to design algorithms to extract heart rate from video capture of non-stationary subjects in real-time.

Podcast | October 2017 - Podcast At Risk Emerging Technology Domains By Dan J. Klinedinst

In this podcast, CERT vulnerability analyst Dan Klinedinst discusses research aimed at helping the Department of Homeland Security United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) understand future technologies and their risks.

Podcast | October 2017 - Podcast DNS Blocking to Disrupt Malware By Vijay S. Sarvepalli

In this podcast, CERT researcher Vijay Sarvepalli explores Domain Name System or DNS Blocking, the idea of disrupting communications from malicious code such as ransomware that is used to lock up your digital assets.

Podcast | September 2017 - Podcast Best Practices: Network Border Protection By Rachel Kartch

In this podcast, the latest in a series on best practices for network security, Rachel Kartch explores best practices for network border protection at the Internet router and firewall.