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Podcast | July 2017 - Podcast Ransomware: Best Practices for Prevention and Response By Alexander Volynkin, Angela Horneman

In this podcast, CERT researchers spell out several best practices for prevention and response to a ransomware attack.

Podcast | June 2017 - Podcast Integrating Security in DevOps By Hasan Yasar

In this podcast, Hasan Yasar discusses how Secure DevOps attempts to shift the paradigm for tough security problems from following rules to creatively determining solutions.

Podcast | June 2017 - Podcast SEI Fellows Series: Peter Feiler By Peter H. Feiler

Peter Feiler was named an SEI Fellow in August 2016. This podcast is the second in a series highlighting interviews with SEI Fellows.

Podcast | May 2017 - Podcast NTP Best Practices By Timur D. Snoke

In this podcast, Timur Snoke explores the challenges of NTP and prescribes some best practices for securing accurate time with this protocol.

Podcast | May 2017 - Podcast Establishing Trust in Disconnected Environments By Grace Lewis

In this podcast, Grace Lewis presents a solution for establishing trusted identities in disconnected environments based on secure key generation and exchange in the field, as well as an evaluation and implementation of the solution.

Podcast | April 2017 - Podcast Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Space By James Edmondson

In this podcast, James Edmondson discusses his work to bring distributed artificial intelligence to a next generation, renewable power grid in space.

Podcast | March 2017 - Podcast Verifying Distributed Adaptive Real-Time Systems By Sagar Chaki, James Edmondson

In this podcast, James Edmondson and Sagar Chaki describe an architecture and approach to engineering high-assurance software for Distributed Adaptive Real-Time (DART) systems.

Podcast | March 2017 - Podcast 10 At-Risk Emerging Technologies By Christopher King

Researchers in the SEI's CERT Division recently examined the security of a large swath of technology domains being developed in industry and maturing over the next five years.

Podcast | February 2017 - Podcast Technical Debt as a Core Software Engineering Practice By Ipek Ozkaya

In this podcast, Ipek Ozkaya talks about managing technical debt as a core software engineering practice and its importance in the education of future software engineers.

Podcast | February 2017 - Podcast DNS Best Practices By Mark Langston

In this podcast, Mark Langston discusses best practices for designing a secure, reliable DNS infrastructure.