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Curriculum Module | December 2012 - Curriculum Module SIA Curriculum

The SIA curriculum is a problem-solving method built on key SIA principles only available to those with existing faculty accounts.

Curriculum Module | June 1995 - Curriculum Module Measuring Object-Oriented Software Products By Clark Archer (Winthrop University)

This 1995 report provides an overview of the merging of a paradigm and a process, the object-oriented paradigm and the software measurement process.

Curriculum Module | February 1993 - Curriculum Module Formal Specification and Verification of Concurrent Programs By Dan Berry

This 1993 module introduces formal specification of concurrent software and verification of the consistency between concurrent programs and their specifications.

Curriculum Module | December 1990 - Curriculum Module Software Configuration Management By James E. Tomayko

This 1990 module examines configuration management, including configuration item identification, change reporting and evaluation, change execution, tool evaluation and use, version control, and management principles related to configuration control.

Curriculum Module | August 1990 - Curriculum Module Understanding Program Dependencies By Norman Wilde

This module discusses the different methods and tools that aid a programmer in answering the questions How does this system fit together? and If I change this component, what other components might be affected?

Curriculum Module | May 1990 - Curriculum Module Technical Writing for Software Engineers By Linda Levine, Linda Pesante, Susan Dunkle

This module, which is directed specifically to software engineers, discusses the writing process in the context of software engineering.

Curriculum Module | April 1990 - Curriculum Module Concepts of Concurrent Programming By David Bustard (University of Ulster)

This module discusses the nature of concurrent program and provides an overview of the means by which they may be constructed and executed.

Curriculum Module | April 1990 - Curriculum Module Language and System Support for Concurrent Programming By Michael B. Feldman

This 1990 report offers support for concurrent programming provided to the application programmer by operating systems and programming languages.

Curriculum Module | April 1990 - Curriculum Module Support Materials for Language and System Support for ... By Gary Ford

This report, published in 1990, includes materials helpful in teaching concurrent programming.

Curriculum Module | January 1990 - Curriculum Module Software Requirements By John W. Brackett (Boston University)

This 1990 report discusses the definition of software requirements and the products generated in that definition.