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Conference Paper | October 2018 - Conference Paper Detecting Leaks of Sensitive Data Due to Stale Reads By William Snavely, William Klieber, Ryan Steele, David Svoboda, Andrew Kotov

This paper introduces a heuristic-driven dynamic analysis that aims to detect reads that may be accessing stale sensitive data.

Conference Paper | August 2018 - Conference Paper Prioritizing Alerts from Multiple Static Analysis Tools, Using ... By Lori Flynn, William Snavely, David Svoboda, Nathan VanHoudnos, Richard Qin, Jennifer Burns, David Zubrow, Robert W. Stoddard, Guillermo Marce-Santurio

This paper was accepted by the SQUADE workshop at ICSE 2018. It describes the development of several classification models for the prioritization of alerts produced by static analysis tools and how those models were tested for accuracy.

Conference Paper | December 2017 - Conference Paper Open-source Measurement of Fast-flux Networks While ... By Leigh B. Metcalf, Daniel Ruef, Jonathan Spring

In this paper, domain parking is the practice of assign- ing a nonsense location to an unused fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) to keep it ready for “live” use.

Conference Paper | September 2017 - Conference Paper "SHORT"er Reasoning About Larger Requirements Models By George Mathew (North Carolina State University), Tim Menzies (North Carolina State University), Neil Ernst, John Klein

SHORT is a tool to simplify reasoning about requirements engineering (RE) models by exploiting key decisions within them, evaluated on eight complex RE models.

Conference Paper | September 2017 - Conference Paper Implementing Secure DevOps Assessment for Highly ... By Hasan Yasar

This paper describes advantages and some of the challenges of applying DevOps to highly regulated entities in industry, academia, and government.

Conference Paper | May 2017 - Conference Paper Ninth InternationalWorkshop on Managing Technical Debt ... By Francesca Arcelli Fontana (University of Milano Bicocca), Wolfgang Trumler (Siemens AG), Clemente Izurieta (Montana State University), Robert Nord

At the Ninth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, participants explored the impact of agile development approaches on managing technical debt.

Conference Paper | April 2017 - Conference Paper Using Stakeholder Preferences to Make Better Architecture ... By Neil Ernst, John Klein, George Mathew (North Carolina State University), Tim Menzies (North Carolina State University)

This paper describes a method to collect stakeholder preferences about architecture options and uses automated optimization to identify important architecture decisions.

Conference Paper | April 2017 - Conference Paper What to Fix? Distinguishing Between Design and Non-design ... By Neil Ernst, Stephany Bellomo, Ipek Ozkaya, Robert Nord

This paper describes an empirical study using a structured categorization approach to manually classify 466 software quality rules from three industry tools.

Conference Paper | March 2017 - Conference Paper Testing in a Non-Deterministic World By Donald Firesmith

This presentation discusses sources of non-determinism, testing ramifications of non-determinism, and recommendations for testing in a non-deterministic world.

Conference Paper | February 2017 - Conference Paper Efficient Decision-Making under Uncertainty for Proactive Self ... By Gabriel Moreno, Javier Cámara (CMU), David Garlan, Bradley Schmerl

In this paper, we present an approach that eliminates runtime overhead by constructing most Markov decision processes offline using formal specification.