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Collection | March 2018 - Collection Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium 2018: Agile and ...

This one-day symposium, the first in a series, was sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and held in Arlington, Va., on March 27, 2018.

Collection | February 2018 - Collection Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method

This collection contains resources about the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), a method for evaluating software architectures against quality attribute goals.

Collection | February 2018 - Collection The Business Case for Systems Engineering

This collection describes our research in the field of systems engineering (SE).

Collection | February 2018 - Collection Reasoning About Software Quality Attributes

Software architects need to understand their designs in terms of quality attributes. To reason about architectural patterns, we must first characterize the quality attribute requirements.

Collection | February 2018 - Collection Mission Thread Workshop

This is a collection of assets associated with the Mission Thread Workshop.

Collection | February 2018 - Collection Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium

This is a collection of materials related to the Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium.

Collection | January 2018 - Collection Software Architecture News and Columns

Software Architecture articles and columns from SEI News

Collection | January 2018 - Collection CSIH Certification Renewal Forms

This is a collection of forms used to renew CSIH Certification.

Collection | January 2018 - Collection FloCon 2018 Presentations

These presentations were given at FloCon 2018, an annual event where attendees discuss the analysis of large volumes of traffic and showcase the next generation of flow-based analysis techniques.

Collection | December 2017 - Collection Secure Coding Newsletter Collection

The CERT Secure Coding Team describes plans to inform the community about CERT secure coding efforts and related standards.