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Podcast | November 2018 - Podcast Deep Learning in Depth: The Future of Deep Learning By Ritwik Gupta, Carson Sestili

Ritwik Gupta and Carson Sestili discuss the future of deep learning.

Video | December 2018 - Video A Complete DevOps Pipeline: The Foundation for Success

Shane Ficorilli explains some of the requirements for successfully implementing DevOps in your organization, including how to establish a complete deployment pipeline.

Podcast | November 2018 - Podcast Deep Learning in Depth: The Importance of Diverse ... By Ritwik Gupta, Carson Sestili

Ritwik Gupta of the SEI’s Emerging Technology Center and Carson Sestili, formerly of the SEI’s CERT Division and now with Google, discuss the importance of diverse perspectives in deep learning.

Technical Report | December 2018 - Technical Report GHOSTS in the Machine: A Framework for Cyber-Warfare ... By Dustin D. Updyke, Geoffrey B. Dobson, Thomas G. Podnar, Luke J. Osterritter, Benjamin L. Earl, Adam D. Cerini

This report outlines how the GHOSTS ((G)eneral HOSTS) framework helps create realism in cyber-warfare simulations and discusses how it was used in a case study.

Video | December 2018 - Video Influence Attacks on Machine Learning By Mark Sherman

Mark Sherman explains how deep learning is playing an increasing role in developing new applications and how adversaries can attack machine learning systems in a variety of ways.

Video | November 2018 - Video Deep Learning in Cybersecurity By Eliezer Kanal

Eliezer Kanal explains deep learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence, and how the SEI is conducting research to learn how it might be used to advance cybersecurity.

Podcast | August 2018 - Podcast The Role of the Software Factory in Acquisition and ... By Paul Nielsen

Dr. Paul Nielsen discusses his involvement on a Defense Science Board Task Force that concluded that the software factory should be a key player in the acquisition and sustainment of software for defense.

Newsletter | August 2018 - Newsletter The Role of the Software Factory in Acquisition; SEI Events ...

The SEI Bulletin is a biweekly newsletter designed to keep you up to date on SEI news, events, research, and other matters of interest to the SEI community.

Special Report | December 2018 - Special Report Program Manager's Guidebook for Software Assurance By Kenneth Nidiffer, Carol Woody - PhD, Timothy A. Chick

This guidebook helps program managers address the software assurance responsibilities critical in defending software-intensive systems, including mission threads and cybersecurity.

Podcast | December 2018 - Podcast Women in Software and Cybersecurity: Bobbie Stempfley By Roberta (Bobbie) Stempfley

Roberta “Bobbie” Stempfley discusses her career and journey to becoming the director of the SEI’s CERT Division.