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White Paper | November 2005 - White Paper Survivability and Information Assurance Curriculum Overview

The Survivability and Information Assurance (SIA) Curriculum is designed to teach experienced system administrators about security as well as a means for integrating security into their routine tasks.

White Paper | November 2005 - White Paper Survivability and Information Assurance Curriculum Lab ...

The overview provides information about the hardware and the software required for the lab in general and for each specific course. Other topics include configuration management, user identity and privileges, and Internet connectivity.

White Paper | July 2005 - White Paper The ComFoRT Reasoning Framework By Sagar Chaki, James Ivers, Natasha Sharygina, Kurt C. Wallnau

Model checking is a promising technology for verifying critical behavior of software. However, software model checking is hamstrung by scalability issues and is difficult for software engineers to use directly. ComFoRT addresses both of these challenges.

White Paper | August 2005 - White Paper Obtaining the Benefits of Predictable Assembly from ... By Kurt C. Wallnau

PACC combines the complementary features of software architecture technology and software component technology to improve both engineering productivity and product quality in the design and implementation of quality-critical software systems.

White Paper | September 2005 - White Paper Using the OPEN Process Framework to Produce a Situation ... By Donald Firesmith, B. Henderson-Sellers, D. Zowghi

The OPEN Process Framework (or OPF) is an appropriate focused requirements engineering method (REM) that facilitates the search for a mechanism that will support the flexible creation of a number of tailored REMs from a single base.

White Paper | January 2005 - White Paper MAAP Information Sheet

Information sheet on MAAP, a technique for assuring completion of defined missions by identifying and analyzing operational risks affecting mission-critical processes.

White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper Secret Service and CERT Release Report Analyzing Acts of ...

This press release is the second in a series of reports focusing on insider threats to information systems and data in critical infrastructure sectors.

White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper 2005 E-Crime Watch Survey Findings

In this 2005 report, the authors summarize the results of the 2005 E-Crime Watch Survey, conducted to unearth electronic crime fighting trends and techniques.