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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 results for the vulnerability analysis Publish Year - 2005 , Type - White Paper

White Paper | December 2005 - White Paper Botnets as a Vehicle for Online Crime By Nicholas Ianelli, Aaron Hackworth

In this paper, the authors describe the capabilities present in bot malware and the motivations for operating botnets.

White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper Technical Trends in Phishing Attacks By Jason Milletary

In this paper, Jason Milletary identifies technical capabilities used to conduct phishing scams, reviews trends, and discusses countermeasures.

White Paper | June 2005 - White Paper Spyware By Aaron Hackworth

In this 2005 paper, the authors give an overview of spyware, provide examples of common threats, and describe how to defend against spyware.