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Showing 1 - 10 of 227 results for the Publish Year - 2005

Presentation | September 2005 - Presentation Correlations Between Quiescent Ports in Network Flows ... By Josh McNutt, Markus Deshon

In this presentation, the authors discuss using FloVis to perform network data analysis.

Technical Note | April 2005 - Technical Note Robustness Testing of Software-Intensive Systems ... By Julie B. Cohen, Daniel Plakosh, Kristi Keeler

This 2005 technical note provides guidance and procedures for performing robustness testing as part of DoD or federal acquisition programs that have a software component.

Presentation | March 2005 - Presentation Process Improvement in Retrospective: Lessons Learned from ...

This presentation shares lessons learned from various software projects and process improvement activities.

Technical Note | August 2005 - Technical Note Some Current Approaches to Interoperability By David J. Carney, David Fisher, Edwin J. Morris, Patrick R. Place

This 2005 report examines some of the complexities of interoperability and some recent research approaches to achieving it.

Technical Note | June 2005 - Technical Note Governing for Enterprise Security By Julia H. Allen

In this 2005 report, Julia Allen examines governance thinking, principles, and approaches and applies them to the subject of enterprise security.

Presentation | April 2005 - Presentation SATURN SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network ... By Linda M. Northrop

presentation at SATURN 2005, April 6-7, 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA

Presentation | April 2005 - Presentation Methodical Design of Software Architecture Using an ... By Felix Bachmann, Mark H. Klein

This presentation – on methodically designing software architecture using ArchE, an architecture design assistant – was presented by Felix Bachmann and Mark H. Klein in 2005.

Technical Report | March 2005 - Technical Report Including Interoperability in the Acquisition Process By B. Craig Meyers, Ira Monarch, Linda Levine, James Smith

This 2005 report explores achieving interoperability in the acquisition process.

Presentation | March 2005 - Presentation Phishing Reports Using the INCH Format By Patrick Cain (Cooper-Cain Group - Inc.)

Phishing Reports using the INCH Format by Pat Cain from The Cooper-Cain Group at IETF #62 in 2009.

Technical Report | May 2005 - Technical Report CMMI Acquisition Module (CMMI-AM), Version 1.1 By Thomas Bernard, Brian P. Gallagher, Roger Bate, Hal Wilson

This report documents acquisition practices that should be performed by government acquisition projects acquiring systems or services.