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White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper Method Engineering and COTS Evaluation By B. Henderson-Sellers, C. Gonzalez-Perez, M.K.Serour, Donald Firesmith

This position paper argues that a successful COTS evaluation process should be based on the principles of method engineering (ME).

White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper A Taxonomy of Security-Related Requirements By Donald Firesmith

This paper addresses the problems associated with a lack of a clear security taxonomy by identifying four different types of security-related requirements, providing them with clear definitions, and placing them within an organizing hierarchical taxonomy.

White Paper | September 2005 - White Paper Using the OPEN Process Framework to Produce a Situation ... By Donald Firesmith, B. Henderson-Sellers, D. Zowghi

The OPEN Process Framework (or OPF) is an appropriate focused requirements engineering method (REM) that facilitates the search for a mechanism that will support the flexible creation of a number of tailored REMs from a single base.