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Podcast | August 2013 - Podcast Mobile Applications for Emergency Managers By Adam Miller (Huntingdon County - Pennsylvania, Emergency Management Agency), Bill Pollak

Learn about the SEI's Advanced Mobile Systems Team's work with the Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, Emergency Management Agency.

Podcast | October 2006 - Podcast Why Leaders Should Care About Security By Bill Pollak, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Julia Allen urges leaders to be security conscious and treat adequate security as a non-negotiable requirement of being in business.

Podcast | May 2008 - Podcast Building More Secure Software By Bill Pollak, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Julia Allen explains how software security is about building more defect-free software to reduce vulnerabilities targeted by attackers.

Podcast | July 2007 - Podcast Real-World Security for Business Leaders By Pamela Fusco (FishNet Security), Bill Pollak

In this podcast, William Wilson advises business leaders to use international standards to create a business- and risk-based information security program.

White Paper | November 2016 - White Paper Seven Proposal-Writing Tips That Make Conference Program ... By Bill Pollak

Writing a great session proposal for a conference is difficult. Here are seven tips for writing a session proposal that will make reviewers go from frown to smile.

White Paper | March 2015 - White Paper SEI SPRUCE Project: Curating Recommended Practices for ... By Michael D. Konrad, B. Craig Meyers, Tamara Marshall-Keim, Gerald W. Miller, Bill Pollak

This paper describes the Systems and Software Producibility Collaboration Environment (SPRUCE) project and the resulting recommended practices on five software topics.

White Paper | October 2003 - White Paper Developing a Communication Strategy for a Research Institute By Anne Humphreys, Bill Pollak

This 2004 white paper presents a communication strategy that defines products and internal processes for optimizing communication with the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) most important stakeholders.

Book | August 1993 - Book A Practitioner's Handbook for Real-Time Analysis: Guide to ... By Michael Harbour, Mark H. Klein, Ray Obenza, Bill Pollak, Tom Ralya

This book contains a collection of quantitative methods that enable real-time systems developers to understand, analyze, and predict the timing behavior of many real-time systems.