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Showing 1 - 10 of 24 results for the Publish Year - 2007 , Type - White Paper

White Paper | August 2007 - White Paper Business Rules for CMMI Focus Topics By CMMI Product Team

This paper provides guidelines for organizations seeking to publish material related to any CMMI focus topics.

White Paper | October 2007 - White Paper Acquisition Archetypes: The Bow Wave Effect

From the Acquisition Support Program, one in a series of short papers on acquisition patterns of failure.

White Paper | April 2007 - White Paper Function Extraction: Automated Behavior Computation for ... By Tim Daly, Richard C. Linger (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Stacy J. Prowell

This paper describes verification and certification challenges for avionics software.

White Paper | May 2007 - White Paper SAAM: A Method for Analyzing the Properties of Software ... By Gregory Abowd, Len Bass, Rick Kazman, Mike Webb (Texas Instruments)

This paper describes three perspectives by which we can understand the description of a software architecture and proposes a five-step method for analyzing software architectures called SAAM (Software Architecture Analysis Method).

White Paper | July 2007 - White Paper The Use of Malware Analysis in Support of Law Enforcement By Ross Kinder

In this paper, Ross Kinder discusses how malware analysis supports the efforts of those pursuing adversaries employing malicious code in their tradecraft.

White Paper | December 2007 - White Paper The State of Information Security Law: A Focus on the Key ... By Tom Smedinghoff (Wildman Harrold)

This paper provides information about the expanding duty to provide security and the emergency of a legal obligation for compliance.

White Paper | July 2007 - White Paper System Strategies References By Robert J. Ellison, Carol Woody

In this paper, the authors provide references related to system strategies.

White Paper | November 2007 - White Paper Classifying Architectural Elements as a Foundation for ... By Len Bass, Paul C. Clements, Rick Kazman

This paper presents a set of well known but informally described software architectural elements used in system composition, and taxonomizes them under a basic set of characteristic features.

White Paper | January 2007 - White Paper CERT® Resiliency Engineering Framework

In this paper, the authors answer commonly asked questions about the CERT Resiliency Engineering Framework project.

White Paper | January 2007 - White Paper Defining Computer Security Incident Response Teams By Robin Ruefle

In this paper, Robin Ruefle describes the purpose and goals of a computer security incident response team (CSIRT).