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White Paper | December 2017 - White Paper Embedded Device Vulnerability Analysis Case Study Using ... By Madison Oliver, Kyle O'Meara

This document provides security researchers with a repeatable methodology to produce more thorough and actionable results when analyzing embedded devices for vulnerabilities.

Webinar | November 2015 - Webinar Web Traffic Analysis with CERT Tapioca By Will Dormann

Will Dormann discusses a tool that shows whether a connection to the web is secure and what information is being transmitted.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Using Malware Analysis to Identify Overlooked Security ... By Nancy R. Mead, Jose A. Morales

This presentation describes initial research conducted by CERT and Carnegie Mellon to determine if malware report databases were amenable to automated processing to identify flaws

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Rapid Expansion of Classification Models to Prioritize Static ... By Lori Flynn

Poster on research to create a method to automatically classify and prioritize alterts

Technical Report | May 2016 - Technical Report Using Honeynets and the Diamond Model for ICS Threat ... By John Kotheimer, Kyle O'Meara, Deana Shick

This report presents an approach to analyzing approximately 16 gigabytes of full packet capture data collected from an industrial control system honeynet—a network of seemingly vulnerable machines designed to lure attackers.

White Paper | April 1997 - White Paper An Analysis of Security Incidents on the Internet By John Howard, George Weaver

In this dissertation, John D. Howard reviews an analysis of security incidents on the Internet from between 1989 and 1995.

Podcast | May 2016 - Podcast Threat Modeling and the Internet of Things By Art Manion, Allen D. Householder

Art Manion and Allen Householder of the CERT Vulnerability Analysis team, talk about threat modeling and its use in improving the security of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Presentation | August 2015 - Presentation Systemic Vulnerabilities: An Allegorical Tale of ... By Allen D. Householder

In this talk, we will trace the origin and evolution of a physical-world vulnerability that dates to the late 19th century, and explore whether

White Paper | December 2005 - White Paper Botnets as a Vehicle for Online Crime By Nicholas Ianelli, Aaron Hackworth

In this paper, the authors describe the capabilities present in bot malware and the motivations for operating botnets.

Technical Note | January 2005 - Technical Note A Structured Approach to Classifying Security Vulnerabilities By Robert C. Seacord, Allen D. Householder

In this 2005 report, the authors propose a classification scheme that uses attribute-value pairs to provide a multidimensional view of vulnerabilities.