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Brochure | February 2018 - Brochure How to Renew Team Software Process (TSP) Credentials

This document describes how to renew your credentials for SEI-Certified TSP Associate Coach, SEI-Certified TSP Coach, and SEI-Certified TSP Mentor Coach.

Educational Material | January 2017 - Educational Material PSP Academic Material

PSP Academic Material is supplemental material from the PSP for Engineers course.

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation Graphical Recordings of the TSP Symposium

A graphic designer captured nine presentations from the TSP Symposium 2014 in graphical recordings.

Collection | November 2014 - Collection TSP Symposium 2014 Proceedings and Presentations

Proceedings and Presentations of the Ninth Annual TSP Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, November 3-6, 2014

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation Information Flow: The Secret to Successful Teamwork By Jesse Schell (Schell Games)

In this TSP Symposium 2014 keynote presentation, Jesse Schell explains what he has learned from professional game development that helps teams succeed or causes them to fail.

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation TSP-PACE: Process and Capability Evaluation, an Experience ... By Antonio Mejorado (Tecnológico de Monterrey University), Rafael Salazar (Tecnológico de Monterrey University), William Nichols

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation presents results of TSP evaluations in PACE pilots and describes how they support organizational improvement and national benchmarking.

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation Insider Threats in the Software Development Life Cycle By Daniel L. Costa, Randall F. Trzeciak

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation uncovers patterns from cases in which insiders exploited vulnerabilities in software development processes to harm their organizations.

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation Architecture Best Practices for Project and Technical Leaders By Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, Timothy Morrow

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation describes a set of architecture best practices based on commercial and government experiences in software development.

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation SEMPRE: The TSP Software Engineering Measured ... By William Nichols, Yasutaka Shirai (Toshiba)

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation introduces data collected via the Process Dashboard tool and provides some initial benchmark statistics for project planning.

Presentation | November 2014 - Presentation Introduction to Software Product Lines By Patrick Donohoe

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation introduces software product line development, essential activities and underlying practices, and costs and benefits of adoption.