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Collection | November 2015 - Collection Software Solutions Conference (SSC) 2015 Presentations

Presentations from the program of SSC 2015 (November 16-18, 2015, in Arlington, VA)

Collection | March 2018 - Collection Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium 2018: Agile and ...

This one-day symposium, the first in a series, was sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and held in Arlington, Va., on March 27, 2018.

Conference Paper | April 2017 - Conference Paper Using Stakeholder Preferences to Make Better Architecture ... By Neil Ernst, John Klein, George Mathew (North Carolina State University), Tim Menzies (North Carolina State University)

This paper describes a method to collect stakeholder preferences about architecture options and uses automated optimization to identify important architecture decisions.

Conference Paper | May 2016 - Conference Paper A Reference Architecture for Big Data Systems in the National ... By John Klein, Ross Buglak (Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre), David Blockow (Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre), Troy Wuttke (Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre), Brenton Cooper (Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre)

This paper presents a reference architecture for big data systems that is focused on addressing typical national defense requirements and that is vendor-neutral.

Presentation | November 2015 - Presentation Designing the Infrastructure for an Enterprise IT System By William E. Novak, Patrick R. Place

This presentation discusses five issues faced by government organizations embarking on the development of enterprise-wide IT systems that integrate and modernize legacy system functions.

Presentation | November 2015 - Presentation Scaling Agile Methods for Major Defense Programs ... By Will Hayes, Mary Ann Lapham

This presentation addresses what is meant by scaling, contextual drivers for implementation choices, and the agile frameworks available for use today.

Presentation | November 2015 - Presentation Edge Analytics: Analysis of Social Media to Support Tactical ... By William Anderson, Keegan M. Williams

This presentation explores the architecture and implementation of Edge Analytics, discusses field trials, and presents findings from analyzing Twitter data related to the 2012 attack on the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi.

Presentation | November 2015 - Presentation Providing Information Superiority to Small Tactical Units By Jeff Boleng

This presentation discusses the Information Security to the Edge (ISE) system built by the Advanced Mobile Systems Initiative at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.

Presentation | November 2015 - Presentation Intellectual Property Rights: Why You Should Care and How to ... By Julie B. Cohen, Eileen Wrubel

This presentation discusses strategies and language for addressing IP rights throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

Presentation | November 2015 - Presentation Busting Silos & Red Tape: DevOps in Federal Government By Aaron Volkmann

In this presentation, the authors describe how they helped shift a government stakeholder's thinking through coaching and initiating DevOps in the organization's operational and development environments.