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Technical Report | October 2018 - Technical Report Composing Effective Software Security Assurance Workflows By William Nichols, Jim McHale, David Sweeney, William Snavely, Aaron Volkmann

In an effort to determine how to make secure software development more cost effective, the SEI conducted a research study to empirically measure the effects that security tools—primarily automated static analysis tools—had on costs and benefits.

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Automated Assurance of Security Policy Enforcement (2017) By Peter H. Feiler, Samuel Procter

Presentation on research to detect vulnerabilities early in the lifecycle in architecture models

Collection | December 2017 - Collection Resources for Assurance Cases

The concept of an assurance case has been derived from the safety case. This library collection provides a list of SEI resources about assurance cases.

Brochure | March 2018 - Brochure CERT Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance ...

This certificate program includes guidance about engineering software-reliant systems and implementing strategies that instill cybersecurity in acquired systems.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Measuring Complexity for System Safety Assurance By Sarah Sheard, Michael D. Konrad, William Nichols, Charles B. Weinstock

This presentation describes a two-year research effort to define complexity measures for avionics systems in order to help the FAA identify when systems are too complex to assure their safety.

Podcast | September 2015 - Podcast A Software Assurance Curriculum for Future Engineers By Nancy R. Mead

In this podcast, Nancy Mead discusses how, with support from the Department of Homeland Security, SEI researchers developed software assurance curricula and programs for graduate, undergraduate, and community colleges.

Conference Paper | January 2017 - Conference Paper Certifiable Runtime Assurance of Distributed Real-Time ... By Sagar Chaki, Dionisio de Niz

This paper presents two challenge problems guiding research on developing a provably correct approach for runtime assurance of distributed real-time embedded systems.

Presentation | November 2016 - Presentation Assurance Cases and Confidence By Charles B. Weinstock

This talk on assurance cases and confidence was presented at the IEEE Invitational Workshop to Create a Building-Code for Power System Software Security.

Podcast | April 2015 - Podcast Data Driven Software Assurance By Michael D. Konrad, Art Manion

In 2012, SEI researchers began investigating vulnerabilities reported to the SEI's CERT Division. A research project was launched to investigate design-related vulnerabilities and quantify their effects.

Collection | January 2017 - Collection Cybersecurity Engineering Research: Software Assurance ...

This research is a risk-based approach for measuring and monitoring the security characteristics of interactively complex, software-reliant systems.