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Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation A Reverse Chronology of Evolutionary Architecture and Agile ... By Brian P. Gallagher, Hanif Mostafa, Mielke Thomas

This presentation describes the development of an architecture-centric software development life cycle that allows for rapid, stable feature delivery.

Brochure | March 2017 - Brochure Software Architecture Professional Certificate

Learn how to architect effectively! This brochure describes the required courses and exam for the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate.

Technical Report | December 2016 - Technical Report Architecture-Led Safety Process By Peter H. Feiler, Julien Delange, David P. Gluch, John McGregor

Architecture-Led Safety Analysis (ALSA) is a safety analysis method that uses early architecture knowledge to supplement traditional safety analysis techniques to identify faults as early as possible.

Brochure | February 2017 - Brochure Linda M. Northrop Software Architecture Award Nomination ...

Use this form to nominate an individual or team for the Linda M. Northrop Software Architecture Award. The winner will be announced at SATURN 2017.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Architecture Evaluation at the SEI

This brochure describes the SEI methods of evaluating architecture, which are informed by working directly with dozens of organizations over the past 20 years.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Software Architecture Design and Analysis: SEI Training

This infosheet describes the benefits of and requirements for taking the Software Architecture Design and Analysis course.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Software Architecture Principles and Practices: SEI Training

This information sheet describes the Software Architecture: Principles and Practices course. The course emphasizes the business/mission context in which systems are designed.

Brochure | March 2017 - Brochure System Verification and Validation with Model-Based ...

This brochure explains how the AADL enables early analysis and describes other benefits of using it to support system verification and validation.

Special Report | December 2015 - Special Report Architecture-Led Safety Analysis of the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) ... By Peter H. Feiler

This report summarizes an architecture-led safety analysis of the aircraft-survivability situation-awareness system for the Joint Multi-Role vertical lift program.

Technical Report | June 2016 - Technical Report Architecture Fault Modeling and Analysis with the Error Model ... By Peter H. Feiler, John J. Hudak, Julien Delange, David P. Gluch

This report describes the Error Model Annex, Version 2 (EMV2), notation for architecture fault modeling, which supports safety, reliability, and security analyses.