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Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Views and Beyond: The SEI Approach for Architecture ...

Fact sheet describing the SEI approach to documentation software architecture that centers on the concept of a view as its fundamental organization principle.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Architectural Coaching

The SEI provides architectural coaching to customers who have decided to integrate architecture with their development practices. This fact sheet explains how.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Attribute-Driven Design: Create Software Architectures Using ...

Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) is a systematic, step-by-step method that helps you design an effective architecture for software-intensive systems.

Collection | February 2018 - Collection Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method

This collection contains resources about the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), a method for evaluating software architectures against quality attribute goals.

Article | January 2018 - Article System-of-Systems Viewpoint for System Architecture ... By John Klein, Hans van Vliet (VU University)

We evaluated an architecture documentation viewpoint to address the concerns of a SoS architect about a constituent system, to support SoS design and analysis involving that constituent system.

Collection | December 2017 - Collection Case Studies in Software Architecture

These published case studies of real-world applications of architecture-centric engineering demonstrate the importance of software architecture to system success.

Collection | December 2017 - Collection Architecture Competence

Software architecture has become a recognized competence area in recent years, but software architectures must be created and nurtured by software architects.

White Paper | September 2017 - White Paper Architecture Practices for Complex Contexts By John Klein

This doctoral thesis, completed at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focuses on software architecture practices for systems of systems, including data-intensive systems.

Poster | October 2017 - Poster Guided Architecture Trade Space Exploration for Safety ... By Samuel Procter

Poster on research into tools to evaluate trade space for embedded systems

Conference Paper | April 2017 - Conference Paper Using Stakeholder Preferences to Make Better Architecture ... By Neil Ernst, John Klein, George Mathew (North Carolina State University), Tim Menzies (North Carolina State University)

This paper describes a method to collect stakeholder preferences about architecture options and uses automated optimization to identify important architecture decisions.