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White Paper | August 2018 - White Paper Threat Modeling: A Summary of Available Methods By Nataliya Shevchenko, Timothy A. Chick, Paige O'Riordan, Tom Scanlon, Carol Woody - PhD

This paper discusses twelve threat modeling methods from a variety of sources that target different parts of the development process.

White Paper | January 2017 - White Paper SQUARE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This paper contains information about SQUARE, a process that helps organizations build security into the early stages of the software production lifecycle.

Fact Sheet | December 2016 - Fact Sheet Security Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) Fact ...

SQUARE helps organizations build security, including privacy, into the early stages of the production lifecycle.

Technical Note | May 2014 - Technical Note An Evaluation of A-SQUARE for COTS Acquisition By Sidhartha Mani, Nancy R. Mead

An evaluation of the effectiveness of Software Quality Requirements Engineering for Acquisition (A-SQUARE) in a project to select a COTS product for the advanced metering infrastructure of a smart grid.

Educational Material | October 2013 - Educational Material SQUARE Instructional Materials

SQUARE instructional materials are designed for teaching the SQUARE method.

Software | January 2012 - Software CERT SQUARE for Privacy (P-SQUARE)

P-SQUARE was designed for stakeholders, requirements engineers, and administrators and supports the security and privacy aspects of SQUARE.

Software | August 2011 - Software CERT SQUARE for Acquisition (A-SQUARE)

SQUARE-A is designed for stakeholders, requirements engineers, and contractors/vendors to use in acquisitions and provides documentation support for a variety of use cases.

Technical Note | July 2010 - Technical Note Adapting the SQUARE Process for Privacy Requirements ... By Ashwini Bijwe (Carnegie Mellon University), Nancy R. Mead

In this 2010 report, the authors explore how the SQUARE process can be adapted for privacy requirements engineering in software development.

White Paper | February 2010 - White Paper Adapting the SQUARE Method for Security Requirements ... By Nancy R. Mead

In this paper, Nancy Mead adapts the SQUARE process for security requirements engineering to different acquisition situations.

Special Report | July 2009 - Special Report Privacy Risk Assessment Case Studies in Support of SQUARE By Varokas Panusuwan, Prashanth Batlagundu, Nancy R. Mead

In this report, the authors describe enhancements to the SQUARE method for addressing privacy requirements.