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Article | May 2017 - Article Assessing DoD System Acquisition Supply Chain Risk ... By John Haller, Charles M. Wallen, Carol Woody - PhD, Christopher J. Alberts

In this Crosstalk article, the authors discuss the growing challenge of cyber risks in the defense supply chain.

Presentation | April 2009 - Presentation A Technical Overview of Risk and Opportunity Management By Christopher J. Alberts, Audrey J. Dorofee

In this presentation, the authors provide a technical overview of systemic risk and opportunity management for distributed environments.

Article | September 2015 - Article Model-Based Engineering for Supply Chain Risk ... By Dan Shoemaker (University of Detroit Mercy), Carol Woody

In this article, the authors discuss how model-based engineering (MBE) offers a means to design, develop, analyze, and maintain a complex system architecture.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Framing Security as a Governance and Management Concern ... By Julia H. Allen

In this paper, Julia Allen describes six

Technical Note | August 2006 - Technical Note Risk Management Considerations for Interoperable ... By B. Craig Meyers

In this report, Craig Meyers addresses interoperable risk management, the interoperability of organizations that engage in risk management.

Book | January 1996 - Book Continuous Risk Management Guidebook By Christopher J. Alberts, Audrey J. Dorofee, Ron Higuera, Richard L. Murphy, Julie A. Walker, Ray C. Williams

This book describes the underlying principles, concepts, and functions of risk management and provides guidance on how to implement it as a continuous practice in your projects and organization.

Presentation | September 2003 - Presentation New Directions in Risk Management at the SEI By Ray C. Williams

In this presentation, Ray C. Williams describes the ongoing risk management work that continues at the SEI.

Newsletter | June 2009 - Newsletter The Monitor June 2009

The Monitor June 2009

Technical Report | April 2009 - Technical Report A Framework for Categorizing Key Drivers of Risk By Christopher J. Alberts, Audrey J. Dorofee

This 2009 report features a systemic approach for managing risk that takes into account the complex nature of distributed environments.

Video | June 2007 - Video Getting Program Decision-Makers to Use and be Part of Risk ... By Ray C. Williams

In this video, Ray Williams presents how to get program decision-makers to use and be part of the risk management process.