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Technical Note | September 2017 - Technical Note Defining a Progress Metric for CERT-RMM Improvement By Gregory Crabb (United States Postal Service), Nader Mehravari (Axio Global), David Tobar

Describes the Cybersecurity Program Progress Metric and how its implementation in a large, diverse U.S. national organization can serve to indicate progress toward improving cybersecurity and resilience capabilities.

Technical Note | June 2014 - Technical Note CERT® Resilience Management Model (CERT®-RMM) V1.1 ... By Kevin G. Partridge, Mary Popeck, Lisa R. Young

This update to Version 1 of this same title (CMU/SEI-2011-TN-028) maps CERT-RMM process areas to certain NIST 800-series special publications.

Technical Note | October 2011 - Technical Note CERT® Resilience Management Model (RMM) v1.1: Code of ... By Kevin G. Partridge, Lisa R. Young

In this report, the authors explain how CERT-RMM process areas, industry standards, and codes of practice are used by organizations in an operational setting.

Presentation | November 2017 - Presentation Cyber Hygiene: A Baseline Set of Practices By Matthew Trevors, Charles M. Wallen

The CERT Division's Cybersecurity Hygiene is a set of 11 practice areas for managing the most common and pervasive cybersecurity risks faced by organizations.

Technical Note | September 2014 - Technical Note CERT Resilience Management Model—Mail-Specific Process ... By Julia H. Allen, Greg Crabb (United States Postal Service), Pamela D. Curtis, Nader Mehravari, David W. White

This report describes a new process area that ensures that mail is inducted into the U.S. domestic mail stream according to USPS standards and requirements.

Book | November 2010 - Book CERT Resilience Management Model: A Maturity Model for ... By Richard A. Caralli, Julia H. Allen, David W. White

In this book, the authors present best practices for managing the security and survivability of people, information, technology, and facilities.

Collection | September 2014 - Collection CERT-RMM Related Assets

These assets all relate to CERT-RMM.

Presentation | March 2011 - Presentation Application of the CERT Resilience Management Model at ... By William David (Lockheed Martin Enterprise Business Services), Nader Mehravari, David W. White

In this presentation, the authors describe using CERT-RMM to improve business continuity, IT disaster recovery, crisis management, and pandemic-planning.

Technical Report | October 2011 - Technical Report CERT® Resilience Management Model Capability Appraisal ... By Resilient Enterprise Management Team

In this report, the authors demonstrate that the SCAMPI method can be adapted and applied to CERT-RMM V1.1 as the reference model for a process appraisal.

Collection | September 2014 - Collection CERT-RMM Webinar Collection

This collection of webinars are all related to CERT-RMM topics.