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Technical Report | April 2017 - Technical Report IEEE Computer Society/Software Engineering Institute Watts S ... By Will J.M. Pohlman (Nationwide IT)

This report describes the 10-year history of Nationwide's software process improvement journey. Nationwide received the 2016 Watts Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award from the SEI and IEEE.

Technical Report | April 2017 - Technical Report IEEE Computer Society/Software Engineering Institute Watts S ... By Neal Mackertich (Raytheon), Peter Kraus (Raytheon), Kurt Mittelstaedt (Raytheon), Brian Foley (Raytheon), Dan Bardsley (Dan Bardsley), Kelli Grimes (Raytheon), Mike Nolan (Raytheon)

The Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems DFSS team has been recognized with the 2016 Watts Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award.

Webinar | December 2008 - Webinar Process Improvement at the Edges By Ray C. Williams

In this 2008 webinar, SuZ Garcia discusses approaching CMMI and other model-based improvements by applying solutions from very small organizations to large multi-organizations.

Webinar | July 2008 - Webinar Process Improvement in Multi-Model Environments (PrIME) By Patrick Kirwan, Jeannine Siviy

Patrick Kirwan and Jeannine Siviy present currently available strategic and tactical methods for multui-model improvement in this July 2008 SEI presentation.

Presentation | August 2011 - Presentation Attracting Investment in Process Improvement Through ... By Mark Frazer (Welch Allyn Inc.)

Mark Frazer talks about success through tying into a business,s real goals and making sure executives understand the ,whys… of process improvement before exploring other ways to integrate process improvement into the business.

Handbook | March 2011 - Handbook Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement ... By SCAMPI Upgrade Team

The SCAMPI Method Definition Document describes the requirements, activities, and practices associated with each of the processes that compose the SCAMPI method. It is intended to be one of the elements of the infrastructure within which SCAMPI Lead Appraisers conduct a SCAMPI appraisal.

Technical Report | March 2004 - Technical Report An Integrated Approach to Software Process Improvement at ... By Deb Sambuddha (Wipro Technologies), Priya Krishnaswamy (Wipro Technologies), Rituparna Ghosh (Wipro Technologies), Deb Sambuddha (Wipro Technologies)

This report describes the work of the 2002 recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Software Process Achievement Award, jointly established by the SEI and IEEE to recognize outstanding achievements in software process improvement.

Book | March 2005 - Book CMMI SCAMPI Distilled: Appraisals for Process Improvement By Dennis M. Ahern, Jim Armstrong, Aaron Clouse, Jack R. Ferguson, Will Hayes, Kenneth Nidiffer

This book outlines the role of appraisals as part of a comprehensive approach to process improvement, demonstrating how SCAMPI integrates with other models and methods.

Presentation | June 2009 - Presentation Agile Process Improvement By Malte Foegen (Wibas), Mareike Solbach (Wibas), Claudia Raak (Wibas)

In this SEPG Europe 2009 presentation, Malte Foegen, Mareike Solbach, and Claudia Raak of Wibas describes how Agile can be used to improve software processes.

Technical Note | July 2002 - Technical Note Software Process Improvement and Product Line Practice ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Albert Soule

This 2002 report explores the relationship between software product line practice, as defined by the Framework for Software Product Line Practice, and software engineering process discipline, as defined by the CMMI models.