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Brochure | May 2009 - Brochure Predictability by Construction

This brochure summarizes our area of work about Predictability by Construction: building high-stakes systems from certified software components.

Software | May 2007 - Software Copper

Copper is a software model checker that can be used to verify whether a concurrent C program satisfies its safety, reliability, or security requirements.

Brochure | June 2009 - Brochure PACC Starter Kit

The PACC Starter Kit is an integrated set of tools that demonstrates how technologies can be combined to deliver objective confidence in predictions of system behavior.

Book | July 2001 - Book Building Systems from Commercial Components By Scott Hissam, Robert C. Seacord, Kurt C. Wallnau

This book describes specific engineering practices needed to integrate preexisting components with preexisting specifications successfully, illustrating the techniques described with case studies and examples.