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Collection | January 2017 - Collection Cybersecurity Engineering Research: Software Assurance ...

This research is a risk-based approach for measuring and monitoring the security characteristics of interactively complex, software-reliant systems.

Collection | February 2015 - Collection Resilience Measurement and Analysis Collection

As a result of our research, we have made available a number of reports, blog posts, podcasts, and webinars about how organizations can measure their resilience.

Technical Note | February 2012 - Technical Note Risk-Based Measurement and Analysis: Application to ... By Christopher J. Alberts, Julia H. Allen, Robert W. Stoddard

In this report, the authors present the concepts of a risk-based approach to software security measurement and analysis and describe the IMAF and MRD.

Presentation | January 2011 - Presentation Security Measurement and Analysis By Christopher J. Alberts, Julia H. Allen, Robert W. Stoddard

In this presentation, the authors describe work being performed by the SEI in the area of security measurement and analysis.

Technical Note | September 2010 - Technical Note Integrated Measurement and Analysis Framework for Software ... By Christopher J. Alberts, Julia H. Allen, Robert W. Stoddard

In this report, the authors address how to measure software security in complex environments using the Integrated Measurement and Analysis Framework (IMAF).

Technical Report | July 2017 - Technical Report Department of Defense Software Factbook By Brad Clark, Christopher Miller, James McCurley, David Zubrow, Rhonda Brown, Mike Zuccher (No Affiliation)

In this report, the Software Engineering Institute has analyzed data related to DoD software projects and translated it into information that is frequently sought-after across the DoD.

Technical Report | February 2009 - Technical Report Use and Organizational Effects of Measurement and Analysis ... By Dennis Goldenson, James McCurley, Robert W. Stoddard

This report contains results from a survey of high maturity organizations conducted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in 2008. The questions center on the use of process performance modeling in those organizations and the value added by that use.

Technical Report | August 2010 - Technical Report Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic, Version ... By Mark Kasunic

This 2010 report is a guidebook for conducting a Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic (MAID) evaluation.

White Paper | November 2016 - White Paper FAA Research Project on System Complexity Effects on ... By Michael D. Konrad, Sarah Sheard, Charles B. Weinstock, William Nichols

This report describes a test of an algorithm for estimating the complexity of a safety argument.

Technical Note | November 2008 - Technical Note CMMI High Maturity Measurement and Analysis Workshop ... By Robert W. Stoddard, Dennis Goldenson, David Zubrow, Erin Harper

This report outlines a 2008 workshop, in which leaders discussed high maturity practices and how to sustain momentum for improvement.