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White Paper | March 2012 - White Paper Digital Investigation Workforce Development By Dennis M. Allen

In this paper, the authors describe an approach for deriving measures of software security from well-established and commonly used standard practices.

Software | December 2017 - Software ADIA

ADIA is a VMware-based appliance used for small-to-medium sized digital investigations.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar Responding to a Large-Scale Cybersecurity Incident By Christian Roylo

In this 2013 webinar, Christian Roylo discusses the role of technology in responding to large-scale cyber incidents.

Software | November 2017 - Software CERT Linux Forensics Tools Repository

The CERT Linux Forensics Tools Repository provides many useful packages for cyber forensics acquisition and analysis practitioners.

Poster | March 2014 - Poster Cyber Engineering Solutions Group: How We Create ... By Barbora Batokova, Hasan Yasar

With the increasing number of projects and the expansion of our team, we needed to capture our internal process and expertise so that we could effectively communicate our approach to new team members, the larger organization and our customers.

Software | April 2013 - Software CERT JIRA Plugins

CERT JIRA Plugins consist of Automated Task Creator, Email Attachment Handler, and Common Code.

Conference Paper | October 2014 - Conference Paper Design Research in the Context of Federal Law Enforcement By Barbora Batokova, Todd Waits, Anne Connell

In this paper, the authors discuss the design research methods used to develop a hardware and software solution for paper-based evidence processing.

White Paper | November 2010 - White Paper Forensics Case Studies

Team members from the Software Engineering Institute assist the U.S. Secret Service in investigating the TJX/Heartland and Iceman cases.

Technical Note | March 2013 - Technical Note Detecting and Preventing Data Exfiltration Through Encrypted ... By George Silowash, Todd Lewellen, Joshua W. Burns, Daniel L. Costa

In this report, the authors present methods for detecting and preventing data exfiltration using a Linux-based proxy server in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Technical Note | August 2008 - Technical Note Computer Forensics: Results of Live Response Inquiry vs. ... By Cal Waits, Joseph A. Akinyele, Richard Nolan, Larry Rogers

In this 2008 report, the authors compare various approaches and tools used to capture and analyze evidence from computer memory.