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Video | October 2018 - Video Build Secure Applications with DevSecOps By Hasan Yasar

Watch Hasan Yasar discuss how to Build Secure Applications with DevSecOps.

Video | July 2018 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Addressing Architectural Security ...

David Shepard explains how DevOps practices increase software quality and ensure architectural security considerations are implemented and tested during development.

Podcast | April 2018 - Podcast Agile DevOps By Hasan Yasar, Eileen Wrubel

Eileen Wrubel and Hasan Yasar discuss how Agile and DevOps can be deployed together to meet organizational needs.

Brochure | April 2018 - Brochure The CERT DevSecOps Model: Building Secure Applications

DevOps is a modern software development approach where stakeholders and development and operations teams collaborate to improve efficiency and results.

15th Annual Workshop for Educators Plumbs DevOps and ...

Courses, invited talks, and a robust exchange of ideas help software engineering educators develop and improve their curricula and resources.

Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium Explores Agile and ...

SEI event explored the challenges and realities in acquiring and developing software solutions.

Conference Paper | September 2017 - Conference Paper Implementing Secure DevOps Assessment for Highly ... By Hasan Yasar

This paper describes advantages and some of the challenges of applying DevOps to highly regulated entities in industry, academia, and government.

Conference Paper | November 2016 - Conference Paper Secure DevOps Process and Implementation By Hasan Yasar, Kiriakos Kontostathis

This paper describes Secure DevOps theories, practices, and tools.

Article | April 2016 - Article Where to Integrate Security Practices on DevOps Platform By Hasan Yasar, Kiriakos Kontostathis

The article describes how to address security concerns early in the software development lifecycle and leverage that approach throughout the entire lifecycle.

Conference Paper | October 2014 - Conference Paper Continuous System and User Documentation Integration By Todd Waits, Joseph D. Yankel

This paper describes a process that produces PDF, HTML, and Word-based documentation from multiple authors and integrates it with an existing automated build system.