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Video | December 2018 - Video A Complete DevOps Pipeline: The Foundation for Success

Shane Ficorilli explains some of the requirements for successfully implementing DevOps in your organization, including how to establish a complete deployment pipeline.

Webinar | November 2018 - Webinar Five Ways to Boost Cybersecurity with DevOps By Aaron Volkmann, Doug Reynolds

In this webcast, Doug Reynolds and Aaron Volkmann discuss key DevOps principles, including cross-team collaboration, task automation, tool integration, continuous integration and deployment, and continuous monitoring.

Podcast | November 2018 - Podcast A Technical Strategy for Cybersecurity By Roberta (Bobbie) Stempfley

Roberta “Bobbie” Stempfley, who was appointed director of the SEI’s CERT Division in June 2017, discusses a technical strategy for cybersecurity.

Presentation | October 2018 - Presentation Scaling Software Testing and Evaluation

Discussion of FY18 CMU SEI research in test and evaluation

Presentation | October 2018 - Presentation Continuous Iterative Development and Deployment Practices

Discussion of Agile and DevOps approaches

Video | October 2018 - Video Build Secure Applications with DevSecOps By Hasan Yasar

Watch Hasan Yasar discuss how to Build Secure Applications with DevSecOps.

Video | July 2018 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Addressing Architectural Security ...

David Shepard explains how DevOps practices increase software quality and ensure architectural security considerations are implemented and tested during development.

Podcast | April 2018 - Podcast Agile DevOps By Hasan Yasar, Eileen Wrubel

Eileen Wrubel and Hasan Yasar discuss how Agile and DevOps can be deployed together to meet organizational needs.

Brochure | April 2018 - Brochure The CERT DevSecOps Model: Building Secure Applications

DevOps is a modern software development approach where stakeholders and development and operations teams collaborate to improve efficiency and results.

15th Annual Workshop for Educators Plumbs DevOps and ...

Courses, invited talks, and a robust exchange of ideas help software engineering educators develop and improve their curricula and resources.