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Podcast | October 2018 - Podcast Best Practices for Security in Cloud Computing By Donald Faatz, Timothy Morrow

Don Faatz and Tim Morrow, researchers with the SEI’s CERT Division, outline best practices that organizations should use to address the vulnerabilities and risks in moving applications and data to cloud services.

Webinar | March 2016 - Webinar Context Enabled Computing By Jeff Boleng, Marc Novakouski

In this webinar, we covered a wide variety of research activities associated with our efforts to better leverage context for information delivery and sensor tasking.

Podcast | February 2013 - Podcast Standards in Cloud Computing Interoperability By Grace Lewis

In this podcast, Grace Lewis discusses her latest research exploring the role of standards in cloud-computing interoperability.

Podcast | September 2012 - Podcast Cloud Computing for the Battlefield By Grace A. Lewis

Grace Lewis discusses her research to overcome challenges for battlefield computing by using cloudlets: localized, lightweight servers running one or more virtual machines on which soldiers can offload expensive computations from their handheld devices.

Webinar | January 2015 - Webinar Tactical Cloudlets: Moving Cloud Computing to the Edge By Grace Lewis

This webinar presents the tactical cloudlet concept and experimentation results for five different cloudlet provisioning mechanisms.

Technical Note | October 2012 - Technical Note Cloud Computing at the Tactical Edge By Soumya Simanta, Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Kiryong Ha (Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science), Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science)

This technical note presents a strategy to overcome the challenges of obtaining sufficient computation power to run applications needed for warfighting and disaster relief missions. It discusses the use of cloudlets-- localized, stateless servers running one or more virtual machines--on which soldiers can offload resource-intensive computations from their handheld mobile devices.

Technical Note | October 2012 - Technical Note The Role of Standards in Cloud-Computing Interoperability By Grace Lewis

This report explores the role of standards in cloud-computing interoperability. It covers cloud-computing basics and standard-related efforts, discusses several use cases, and provides recommendations for cloud-computing adoption.

White Paper | June 2011 - White Paper Monitoring Cloud Computing by Layer, Part 2 By Jonathan Spring

In this paper, Jonathan Spring presents a set of recommended restrictions and audits to facilitate cloud security.

Presentation | May 2011 - Presentation Architectural Implications of Cloud Computing By Grace Lewis

This presentation from SATURN 2011 discusses cloud computing from a software architecture perspective.

White Paper | July 2012 - White Paper Insider Threats to Cloud Computing: Directions for New ... By William R. Claycomb, Alex Nicoll

In this paper, the authors explain how cloud computing related insider threats are a serious concern, but that this threat has not been thoroughly explored.