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Video | June 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Adding Security to Agile's Scrum By Mark Sherman

Watch Mark Sherman in this SEI Cyber Minute as he discusses

Video | April 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Automated Code Repair By William Klieber

Watch Will Klieber in this SEI Cyber Minute as he discusses

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Agile in Government: A Research Agenda for Agile Software ... By Will Hayes, Suzanne Miller, Eileen Wrubel

The SEI team working with Agile in government has built a rich narrative of Agile implementation experiences and now works with an extensive network of collaborators on fundamental research questions that dive deep into cause-and-effect mechanisms.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Agile Project Success and Failure (The Story of the FBI ... By Thomas E. Friend (Agile On Target)

This presentation describes how the FBI adopted Agile and succeeded after two failed attempts at building a $300 million case management system.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation A Tale of Two (Agile) Programs By Suzanne Miller, Will Hayes

The SEI has worked with several government programs that are adopting Agile and Lean engineering approaches. In this presentation, we provide insights into two distinct patterns of adoption that we have seen in our work.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Struggles at the Frontiers: Persistent Pursuit of Software ... By Kenneth Nidiffer

This presentation presents new processes, techniques, and tools being used to improve software assurance in the development and sustainment of defense systems.

Brochure | January 2017 - Brochure Software Solutions Symposium 2017 - Informational Brochure

The Software Solutions Symposium is a forum for learning about emerging technologies and practical solutions that you can apply today for help with systemic software issues such as assurance, cost, and schedule. March 20-23, 2017. Arlington, VA

Webinar | October 2016 - Webinar Security Practitioner Perspective on DevOps for Building ... By Hasan Yasar

This webinar covered the perspectives of security practitioners on building secure software using the DevOps development process and modern security approach.

Technical Note | August 2015 - Technical Note Contracting for Agile Software Development in the Department ... By Eileen Wrubel, Jon Gross

This technical note addresses effective contracting for Agile software development and offers a primer on Agile based on a contracting officer's goals.

Webinar | June 2015 - Webinar What DevOps Is Not! By Hasan Yasar

In this webinar, we'll talk about DevOps, its common misconceptions and roadblocks, and how you can use DevOps to help your organization reach new heights of efficiency and productivity.