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Presentation | March 2006 - Presentation Acquisition Support Program Overview By Brian P. Gallagher

In this 2006 presentation, Brian Gallagher, Director of the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Acquisition Support Program (ASP) provides an overview of the ASP.

Presentation | March 2008 - Presentation Acquisition Support: Helping Programs Succeed (2008) By Brian P. Gallagher

Presentation by Brian Gallagher, Director, Acquisition Support Program (SEI) on acquisition support. Provides a number of real-world examples relevant to the defense industry.

Presentation | March 2007 - Presentation Acquisition Support: Helping Programs Succeed (2007) By Brian P. Gallagher

In this 2007 presentation, Brian Gallagher discusses the state of acquisition support and offers advice for better implementing acquisition support programs in an organization.

Presentation | April 2008 - Presentation Software Engineering Institute Acquisition Support Program ... By Peter Capell

Peter Capell (SEI) discusses QUASAR, a method of assessing system architecture, and MFESA, a method framework that enables the development of system-specific architecture (2008).

Special Report | October 2014 - Special Report Development of an Intellectual Property Strategy: Research ... By Charlene Gross

This report is intended to help program managers understand categories of intellectual property, various intellectual property challenges, and approaches to assessing the license rights that the program needs for long-term execution and sustainment.

Brochure | January 2015 - Brochure Acquisition Support

An overview of the SEI's acquisition support approach.

Technical Report | November 2002 - Technical Report Evolutionary Process for Integrating COTS-Based Systems ... By Cecilia Albert, Lisa Brownsword, David Bentley (U.S. Air Force), Thomas Bono (MITRE), Edwin J. Morris, Deborah Pruitt (MITRE)

This 2002 document is the first release of a full description of the EPIC framework along with its activities and artifacts.

White Paper | April 2014 - White Paper The Readiness & Fit Analysis: Is Your Organization Ready for ... By Suzanne Miller

This paper summarizes the Readiness & Fit Analysis and describes its extension to support risk identification for organizations that are adopting agile methods.

Podcast | September 2014 - Podcast Agile Metrics By Will Hayes, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast Will Hayes and Suzanne Miller discuss research intended to aid U. S. Department of Defense acquisition professionals in the use of Agile software development methods.

Podcast | May 2015 - Podcast Defect Prioritization With the Risk Priority Number By Will Hayes, Julie B. Cohen

In this podcast, Will Hayes and Julie Cohen discuss a generalized technique that could be used with any type of system to assist the program office in addressing and resolving the conflicting views and creating a better value system for defining releases.