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Podcast | February 2017 - Podcast Technical Debt as a Core Software Engineering Practice By Ipek Ozkaya

In this podcast, Ipek Ozkaya talks about managing technical debt as a core software engineering practice and its importance in the education of future software engineers.

Podcast | February 2017 - Podcast DNS Best Practices By Mark Langston

In this podcast, Mark Langston discusses best practices for designing a secure, reliable DNS infrastructure.

Podcast | January 2017 - Podcast Three Roles and Three Failure Patterns of Software Architects By John Klein

This podcast explores three roles and three failure patterns of software architects that he has observed working with industry and government software projects.

Podcast | January 2017 - Podcast Security Modeling Tools By Julien Delange

In this podcast, Julien Delange discusses security modeling tools that his team developed and how to use them to capture vulnerabilities and their propagation path in an architecture.

Podcast | December 2016 - Podcast Best Practices for Preventing and Responding to Distributed ... By Rachel Kartch

In this podcast, CERT researcher Rachel Kartch provides an overview of DDoS attacks and best practices for mitigating and responding to them.

Podcast | December 2016 - Podcast Cyber Security Engineering for Software and Systems ... By Nancy R. Mead, Carol Woody - PhD

In this podcast Nancy Mead and Carol Woody discuss their new book, Cyber Security Engineering: A Practical Approach for Systems and Software Assurance, which introduces a set of seven principles for software assurance.

Podcast | November 2016 - Podcast Moving Target Defense By Andrew O. Mellinger

In this podcast, Andrew Mellinger, a senior software developer in the SEI's Emerging Technology Center discusses work to develop a platform to organize dynamic defenses.

Podcast | November 2016 - Podcast Improving Cybersecurity Through Cyber Intelligence By Jared Ettinger

In this podcast, Jared Ettinger of the SEI‰s Emerging Technology Center (ETC) talks about the ETC‰s work in cyber intelligence as well as the Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium.

Podcast | October 2016 - Podcast A Requirement Specification Language for AADL By Peter H. Feiler

In this podcast, Peter Feiler describes a textual requirement specification language for the Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) called ReqSpec.

Podcast | October 2016 - Podcast Becoming a CISO: Formal and Informal Requirements By Darrell Keeling (Parkview Health), Lisa R. Young

In this podcast, Darrell Keeling, Vice President of Information Security and HIPAA Security Officer at Parkview Health, discusses the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to become a CISO in today‰s fast-paced cybersecurity field.