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Fact Sheet | August 2018 - Fact Sheet SATURN 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring SATURN 2019 is an opportunity to reach potential users and decision makers for your software tools and technology.

Podcast | August 2018 - Podcast The Role of the Software Factory in Acquisition and ... By Paul Nielsen

Dr. Paul Nielsen discusses his involvement on a Defense Science Board Task Force that concluded that the software factory should be a key player in the acquisition and sustainment of software for defense.

Conference Paper | August 2018 - Conference Paper Prioritizing Alerts from Multiple Static Analysis Tools, using ... By Lori Flynn, William Snavely, David Svoboda, Nathan VanHoudnos, Richard Qin, Jennifer Burns, David Zubrow, Robert W. Stoddard, Guillermo Marce-Santurio

This paper was accepted by the SQUADE workshop at ICSE 2018. It describes the development of several classification models for the prioritization of alerts produced by static analysis tools and how those models were tested for accuracy.

White Paper | August 2018 - White Paper Threat Modeling: A Summary of Available Methods By Nataliya Shevchenko, Timothy A. Chick, Paige O'Riordan, Tom Scanlon, Carol Woody - PhD

This paper discusses twelve threat modeling methods from a variety of sources that target different parts of the development process.

Podcast | August 2018 - Podcast Why Does Software Cost So Much? By Michael D. Konrad, Robert W. Stoddard

Mike Konrad and Bob Stoddard discuss an approach known as causal learning that can help the Department of Defense identify which factors cause software costs to escalate and, therefore, serve as a better basis for guidance on how to intervene.

Podcast | July 2018 - Podcast Cybersecurity Engineering & Software Assurance ... By Carol Woody - PhD

Carol Woody discusses opportunities and risks in cybersecurity engineering, software assurance, and the resulting CERT Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance Professional Certificate.

Newsletter | July 2018 - Newsletter Runtime Assurance in Cyber-Physical Systems; SEI Events ...

The SEI Bulletin is a biweekly newsletter designed to keep you up to date on SEI news, events, research, and other matters of interest to the SEI community.

Video | July 2018 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Addressing Architectural Security ...

What is the best way to ensure architectural security considerations are implemented and tested during application development? Watch this SEI Cyber Minute to find out.

Webinar | July 2018 - Webinar Digital Footprints: Managing Privacy and Security By Matthew J. Butkovic, Lena Pons

With the recent Cambridge Analytica news and the rollout of the General Data Privacy Rule (GDPR) in Europe, there are many questions about how social media data privacy is managed and how it could be managed.

Webinar | July 2018 - Webinar Digital Footprints: What Can be Learned from the Traces We ... By April Galyardt, Carson Sestili

In this first webcast in a two-part series, April Galyardt and Carson Sestili described what metadata is and what information can be gleaned from it.