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Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Architectural Coaching

The SEI provides architectural coaching to customers who have decided to integrate architecture with their development practices. This fact sheet explains how.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Attribute-Driven Design: Create Software Architectures Using ...

Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) is a systematic, step-by-step method that helps you design an effective architecture for software-intensive systems.

Annual Report | February 2018 - Annual Report 2017 SEI Year in Review

The SEI Year in Review highlights the work of the Software Engineering Institute undertaken durin ghe fiscal year spanning October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Views and Beyond: The SEI Approach for Architecture ...

Fact sheet describing the SEI approach to documentation software architecture that centers on the concept of a view as its fundamental organization principle.

White Paper | February 2018 - White Paper SEI Product Line Bibliography

This bibliography lists SEI and non-SEI resources that have informed the SEI Product Lines efforts. Examples cover diverse domains and show the kind of improvements you can achieve using a product line approach.

Video | February 2018 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Improving the State of Cyber Intelligence By Jared Ettinger

Good cyber intelligence practices—those that help you see the big picture—can prevent costly security breaches and help safeguard valuable assets and information.

Special Report | February 2018 - Special Report Cyber Mutual Assistance Workshop Report By Jonathon Monken (PJM Interconnection), Dr. Fernando Maymi (Army Cyber Institute), Dan Bennett - PhD (Army Cyber Institute), LTC Dan Huynh (Army Cyber Institute), MAJ Blake Rhoades (Army Cyber Institute), CPT Matt Hutchison (Army Cyber Institute), CW3 Judy Esquibel (Army Cyber Institute), Bill Lawrence (North American Electric Reliability Corporation), Katie C. Stewart

The Army Cyber Institute hosted a Cyber Mutual Assistance Workshop to identify challenges in defining cyber requirements for Regional Mutual Assistance Groups.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet The SEI Quality Attribute Workshop

Before you build a software system, you need to clarify the capabilities it must deliver. The SEI Quality Attribute Workshop helps you identify important quality attributes before there is a software architecture.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Mission Thread Workshop

A Mission Thread Workshop conducted by the SEI is an effective way of understanding stakeholder needs and reducing the risks associated with software architectures.

Fact Sheet | February 2018 - Fact Sheet Cost Benefit Analysis Method (CBAM)

The SEI's Cost Benefit Analysis Method (CBAM) helps organizations invest their resources to maximize their gains, meet their schedules, and minimize their risks.