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White Paper | April 2018 - White Paper Blacklist Ecosystem Analysis: July - December 2017 By Eric Hatleback, Leigh B. Metcalf

This short report provides a summary of the various analyses of the blacklist ecosystem performed from July 1, 2017 through December 31,2017.

Video | April 2018 - Video Using Game Theory to Improve Government Acquisition By William E. Novak

Our team is conducting research to describe and quantify the acquisition “game” being played using modeling and simulation to frame the misaligned incentives.

Presentation | April 2018 - Presentation Keep it Like a Secret: When Android Apps Contain Private ...

This presentation was given by Will Doorman, member of the CERT Technical staff, at the 2018 BSidesSF Conference on April 15 and April 16, 2018 at the City View at Metreon.

Technical Report | April 2018 - Technical Report ROI Analysis of the System Architecture Virtual Integration ... By Jörgen Hansson (University of Skovde), Steve Helton (The Boeing Company), Peter H. Feiler

This report presents an analysis of the economic effects of the System Architecture Virtual Integration approach on the development of software-reliant systems for aircraft compared to existing development paradigms.

Podcast | April 2018 - Podcast Kicking Butt in Computer Science: Women in Computing at ... By Jeria Quesenberry, Carol Frieze, Grace Lewis

Carol Frieze, Grace Lewis, and Jeria Quesenberry discuss CMU’s approach to creating a more inclusive environment for all computer science students, regardless of gender.

Technical Note | March 2018 - Technical Note A Mapping of the Health Insurance Portability and ... By Greg Porter (Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University), Matthew Trevors, Robert A. Vrtis

This technical note describes mapping of HIPAA Security Rule requirements to practice questions found in the CERT Cyber Resilience Review for organizations' use in HIPAA compliance.

Presentation | March 2018 - Presentation Desperately Seeking Severity By Art Manion

In this presentation, the author provides information to make better risk decisions, ideally free and from a reliable source, and he provides proximate severity and impact of a vulnerability.

Presentation | March 2018 - Presentation Oh No, DevOps is Tough to Implement! By Hasan Yasar

This presentation explains DevOps, common misconceptions and roadblocks, and how you can use DevOps to help your organization reach new heights of efficiency and productivity without getting frustrated.

Presentation | March 2018 - Presentation Integrating the Risk Management Framework (RMF) with ... By Timothy A. Chick

This presentation explores using DevOps with the Risk Management Framework.

Technical Note | March 2018 - Technical Note A Hybrid Threat Modeling Method By Nancy R. Mead, Forrest Shull, Krishnamurthy Vemuru (University of Virginia), Ole Villadsen (Carnegie Mellon University)

Presents a hybrid method of threat modeling that attempts to meld the desirable features of three methods: Security Cards, Persona non Grata, and STRIDE.