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Presentation | October 2018 - Presentation Leveraging Emerging Changes in Computing

Discussion of new technologies

Presentation | October 2018 - Presentation Continuous Iterative Development and Deployment Practices

Discussion of Agile and DevOps approaches

Webinar | October 2018 - Webinar Next Steps with Blockchain Technology By Eliezer Kanal, Gabriel Somlo (SEI CERT)

In this webcast, Elli Kanal and Gabe Somlo discussed some blockchain successes, including a number of interesting applications they have encountered in their work at SEI.

Presentation | October 2018 - Presentation Assuring Non-Deterministic Software-Based Systems

Research Review 2018 presentation on explainable AI and runtime assurance enforcer research

Technical Report | October 2018 - Technical Report Composing Effective Software Security Assurance Workflows By William Nichols, Jim McHale, David Sweeney, William Snavely, Aaron Volkmann

In an effort to determine how to make secure software development more cost effective, the SEI conducted a research study to empirically measure the effects that security tools—primarily automated static analysis tools—had on costs and benefits.

Podcast | October 2018 - Podcast Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities in Moving to the Cloud By Donald Faatz, Timothy Morrow

Tim Morrow and Donald Faatz outline the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that organizations face when moving applications or data to the cloud.

Podcast | October 2018 - Podcast Deep Learning in Depth: IARPA's Functional Map of the World ... By Ritwik Gupta, Carson Sestili

Ritwik Gupta and Carson Sestili describe their use of deep learning in IARPA’s Functional Map of the World Challenge.

Presentation | October 2018 - Presentation Arbitrary Albatross: Neutral Names for Vulnerabilities By Art Manion

In this presentation the author explores issues around named vulnerabilities and presents a system to generate names separate from implied importance.

Conference Paper | October 2018 - Conference Paper Detecting Leaks of Sensitive Data Due to Stale Reads By William Snavely, William Klieber, Ryan Steele, David Svoboda, Andrew Kotov

This paper introduces a heuristic-driven dynamic analysis that aims to detect reads that may be accessing stale sensitive data.

Special Report | October 2018 - Special Report FedCLASS: A Case Study of Agile and Lean Practices in the ... By Nanette Brown, Jeff Davenport, Linda Parker Gates, Tamara Marshall-Keim

This study reports the successes and challenges of using Agile and Lean methods and cloud-based technologies in a government software development environment.