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Presentation | November 2017 - Presentation Cyber Hygiene: A Baseline Set of Practices By Matthew Trevors, Charles M. Wallen

The CERT Division's Cybersecurity Hygiene is a set of 11 practice areas for managing the most common and pervasive cybersecurity risks faced by organizations.

Brochure | November 2017 - Brochure Better Manage Your Supply Chain

This brochure describes the Acquisition Security Framework (ASF), which enables you to achieve a secure, resilient, and survivable supply chain.

Software | November 2017 - Software CERT quilt

Quilt is a JavaScript tool used to to build and manage anything from website backends to complex distributed systems.

Presentation | November 2017 - Presentation FFRDCs A Primer: Federally Funded Research and ... By Software Engineering Institute

Throughout this Primer, we explain what FFRDCs are, how they have secured their long-term place in our national research and development (R&D) landscape, and what they offer for the future.

Video | November 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Cybersecurity in the Defense Acquisition ... By Mark Sherman

Unfortunately, where there is software, there are risks from vulnerabilities. In response, the Department of Defense has recently expanded the key document governing acquisition, 5000.02.

Software | November 2017 - Software CERT Linux Forensics Tools Repository

The CERT Linux Forensics Tools Repository provides many useful packages for cyber forensics acquisition and analysis practitioners.

Brochure | November 2017 - Brochure SEI Education and Training Catalog

This catalog describes SEI training and certificates that help you tackle today's software, systems, and cybersecurity challenges.

Software | November 2017 - Software CERT fixbuf

CERT fixbuf is a compliant implementation of the IPFIX Protocol.

Video | November 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Predictable, Scalable Artificial Intelligence By James Edmondson

At the SEI, we are developing tools, techniques, and tutorials to help developers make autonomous systems that are dependable and predictable while preserving core system features and functionality that extend and complement human operators.

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Automated Code Generation for High-Performance Graph ... By Scott McMillan

Presentation on research into graph analytics