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White Paper | September 2009 - White Paper CMMI and Medical Device Engineering By David W. Walker

This paper summarizes the comparison performed between the CMMI and the regulations and standards that drive software intensive medical device product development.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Foundations for Software Assurance By Carol Woody, Dan Shoemaker (University of Detroit Mercy), Nancy R. Mead

In this paper, the authors highlight efforts underway to address our society's growing dependence on software and the need for effective software assurance.

White Paper | April 2009 - White Paper Assurance Cases for Design Analysis of Complex System of ... By Stephen Blanchette - Jr.

This paper discusses the application of assurance cases as a means of building confidence that the software design of a complex system of systems will actually meet the operational objectives set forth in the project's top-level requirements.

White Paper | October 2015 - White Paper Effective Insider Threat Programs: Understanding and ... By Andrew P. Moore, William E. Novak, Matthew L. Collins, Randall F. Trzeciak, Michael C. Theis

In this paper, the authors describe the potential ways an insider threat program (InTP) could go wrong and to engage the community to discuss its concerns.

White Paper | November 2013 - White Paper Agile Security - Review of Current Research and Pilot Usage By Carol Woody

This white paper was produced to focus attention on the opportunities and challenges for embedding information assurance considerations into Agile development and acquisition.

White Paper | April 2014 - White Paper The Readiness & Fit Analysis: Is Your Organization Ready for ... By Suzanne Miller

This paper summarizes the Readiness & Fit Analysis and describes its extension to support risk identification for organizations that are adopting agile methods.

White Paper | August 2007 - White Paper Business Rules for CMMI Focus Topics By CMMI Product Team

This paper provides guidelines for organizations seeking to publish material related to any CMMI focus topics.

White Paper | March 2016 - White Paper Malware Capability Development Patterns Respond to ... By Kyle O'Meara, Deana Shick, Jonathan Spring, Ed Stoner

In this paper, the authors describe their analysis of two case studies to outline the relationship between adversaries and network defenders.

White Paper | August 2013 - White Paper State of Cyber Workforce Development By Marie Baker

This paper summarizes the current posture of the cyber workforce and several initiatives designed to strengthen, grow, and retain cybersecurity professionals.

White Paper | March 2010 - White Paper Evaluating Software's Impact on System and System and ...

In this paper, the authors discuss how system engineers are uncertain about how to determine the impact of software on overall system.