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White Paper | March 2015 - White Paper SEI SPRUCE Project: Curating Recommended Practices for ... By Michael D. Konrad, B. Craig Meyers, Tamara Marshall-Keim, Gerald W. Miller, Bill Pollak

This paper describes the Systems and Software Producibility Collaboration Environment (SPRUCE) project and the resulting recommended practices on five software topics.

White Paper | May 2016 - White Paper 2016 State of Cybercrime Survey

This paper examines the current state of cybercrime and explores how organizations and individuals respond to cybercrime threats.

White Paper | December 2013 - White Paper Spotlight On: Programmers as Malicious Insiders–Updated ... By Matthew L. Collins, Dawn Cappelli, Thomas C. Caron (John Heinz III College - School of Information Systems Management, Carnegie Mellon University), Randall F. Trzeciak, Andrew P. Moore

In this paper, the authors describe the who, what, when, where, and how of attacks by insiders using programming techniques and includes case examples.

White Paper | December 2015 - White Paper Analytic Approaches to Detect Insider Threats

This paper identifies steps that organizations can use to enhance their security posture to detect potential insider threats.

White Paper | October 2016 - White Paper Establishing Trusted Identities in Disconnected Edge ... By Sebastián Echeverría (Universidad de los Andes), Dan J. Klinedinst, Keegan M. Williams

he goal of this paper is to present a solution for establishing trusted identities in disconnected environments based on secure key generation and exchange in the field.

White Paper | July 2015 - White Paper CND Equities Strategy By Jonathan Spring, Ed Stoner

In this paper, the authors discuss strategies for successful computer network defense (CND) based on considering the adversaries' responses.

White Paper | March 2013 - White Paper Identifying a Shared Mental Model Among Incident ... By Robert Floodeen, John Haller, Brett Tjaden

In this paper, the authors explore how effective communication might be improved by the development of a mental model internalized by the group's technical staff prior to an incident.

White Paper | May 2017 - White Paper IEEE Computer Society/Software Engineering Institute Watts S ...

IEEE Computer Society/Software Engineering Institute Watts S. Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award

White Paper | April 2015 - White Paper SCALe Analysis of JasPer Codebase By David Svoboda

In this paper, David Svoboda provides the findings of a SCALe audit on a codebase.

White Paper | January 2017 - White Paper CERT-RMM Capability Appraisals

The white paper describe CERT-RMM appraisals and the benefits they offer organizations.