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White Paper | June 2017 - White Paper The Hard Choices Game Explained By Nanette Brown, Philippe Kruchten, Erin Lim, Robert Nord, Ipek Ozkaya

The Hard Choices game is a simulation of the software development cycle meant to communicate the concepts of uncertainty, risk, and technical debt.

White Paper | April 2011 - White Paper Managing Technical Debt in Software-Reliant Systems By Nanette Brown

This whitepaper argues that there is an opportunity to study and improve the “technical debt” metaphor concept and offers software engineers a foundation for managing such trade-offs based on models of their economic impacts.

White Paper | November 2012 - White Paper Technical Debt: From Metaphor to Theory and Practice By Philippe Kruchten, Robert Nord, Ipek Ozkaya

This article discusses the technical debt metaphor and considers it beyond a rhetorical concept. The article explores the role of decision making about developmental activities and future changes and the evolution that the software needs to undergo.