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White Paper | June 2009 - White Paper Revealing Cost Drivers for Systems Integration and ... By William Anderson, Maureen Brown (University of North Carolina)

The findings suggest that Q Methodology may prove helpful in isolating many of the non-technical latent cost factors associated with system integration and interoperability.

White Paper | June 2013 - White Paper Common Software Platforms in System-of-Systems ... By John Klein, Sholom G. Cohen, Rick Kazman

System-of-systems (SoS) architectures based on common software platforms have been commercially successful, but progress on creating and adopting them has been slow. This study aimed to understand technical issues for their development and adoption.

White Paper | May 2011 - White Paper Software Assurance for System of Systems By John B. Goodenough, Linda M. Northrop

In this paper, the authors discuss confidence in system and SoS behavior and how theories can be used to make the assurance process more effective.

White Paper | February 1998 - White Paper COTS and Open Systems (Monograph) By Tricia Oberndorf

This monograph offers a practical rather than theoretical approach to the issues of COTS and open systems.

White Paper | November 2009 - White Paper System of Systems Software Assurance By John B. Goodenough

This white paper describes SEI investigation into ways to provide justified confidence that a system of systems will behave as needed in its actual and evolving usage environments.

White Paper | June 2009 - White Paper A Research Perspective on Maintenance and Reengineering ... By Kostas Kontogiannis, Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith

This position paper surveys the landscape of service-oriented architecture practice as it pertains to service-orientation maintenance and reengineering.

White Paper | June 2002 - White Paper Distributed Software: From Component Model to Software ...

This 2002 whitepaper presents a component model for redeveloping software.

White Paper | February 1998 - White Paper Isolating Faults in Complex COTS-Based Systems By David J. Carney, Scott Hissam

This monograph provides an overview of a method for isolating and overcoming faults in COTS-based systems.

White Paper | June 1997 - White Paper Assembling Large Systems from COTS Components ... By David J. Carney

This monograph, the first in a series, illuminates some general issues that can arise when pursuing a COTS-based approach in complex, heterogeneous systems.

White Paper | September 1998 - White Paper DoD Security Needs and COTS-Based Systems By David J. Carney, Scott Hissam, Daniel Plakosh

This monograph offers a heads-up to decision makers who are building information systems that have security constraints, who feel the market imperatives, and who want to make opportunistic use of what the market has to offer.